Feeling Calm 22

Feeling Calm #22

For my birthday I was given a great new book ‘Calm’ and a journal from my friends to help me find some calm in my life and to de-stress a little. I have been writing in my journal everyday and on Wednesday’s I go through the daily highlights I’ve written down and pick out my 10 favourites. 

It’s crazy that last week whilst I was writing this I felt overwhelmed and stressed, today I’m feeling completely in control, happy and calm. I know that I have got this.

Butterflies at the zoo
Butterflies at the zoo

A simple household chore list has seemingly changed my life! That’s another story for another day though. I’m really excited about my trip to Bavaria next week for the BenQ GS1 Launch. Getting a little bit of time to myself is exactly what I need to cement this new found feeling of control.

It’s clear to me that since I have started practising mindfulness and keeping a journal that I have been able to control my emotions a lot better. I notice if my depression is getting triggered sooner. Allowing me to deal with it before it gets a hold of me.

Here are my top 10 moments from the past 7 days;

Working in the garden
Working in the garden
    1. The weather being so good I got to spend a whole day working outside in the garden. Such a nice way to spend the day and it made me feel so grateful that I could do it.
    2. My friend popping over to cut all of our hair, I love a haircut anyway but it’s so nice to tie it in with a catch up and gossip.
    3. My sister chose her wedding dress. Final decision made. It is so beautiful. Such a happy moment to be involved in. I can’t wait to see her in it on the day.

      Tractor at the zoo
      Riding the Tractor at the zoo
    4. Getting a batch of Christmas in July Show invites. There is only one thing better than actual Christmas and that is the Christmas Press Shows. Mince pies, a little drink or three, gifts and none of the stress.
    5. Having a little dance with L in the garden, using a golf club and his wheelbarrow he was making lovely music for us to dance to. I love just being silly with him.

      A party
      A pretend party
    6. Getting caught out by the weather. We were about to have a barbecue. Instead we got a sudden soaking. We had a little party inside to make up for it. It was very funny.
    7. Getting to see the Sloth at Banham Zoo. Going to the zoo a lot, we love it when they get new animals.  Plus I had never seen a sloth before.
    8. Going for a scoot with L and having a lovely little chat. He’s now starting to tell me about his days at nursery which I love. It’s not always true but sometimes it is. Eating green and yellow Crocodile Cake at nursery and only being allowed one portion. Completely made up. New friend Charlie who likes Peppa Pig which is OK because L likes George Pig. Completely real.

      My lunch time Yokebe Smoothie
      My lunch time Yokebe Smoothie
    9. Trying out Yokebe. It’s been a few weeks since I was specifically dieting so it’s been great to start up again. Another thing that has helped me feel in control. Plus for a shake diet this is really filling and has, so far, been really easy to stick to.
    10. My new cleaning list. Sad as it may be it has been a bit of a game changer. Really helping me keep on top of the household chores. I always feel happier and calmer when the house is in order.

      Stroking the baby goats
      Stroking the baby goats

I’m really glad I write down a few positives from each day and then go back through them each week. It helps keep me focused, calm and therefore happy. It is also a great way to keep a note of the things we’ve done.

Finally I’m linking up with #BloggerClubUK, #BestandWorst & #CoolMumClub because I love them.

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14 thoughts on “Feeling Calm #22”

    1. It really is, I do love being able to work from home. I the Xmas in July press shows are the best, everyone showcasing what they’ve got planned for the festive period but it’s summer! Thanks for reading xx

  1. I so need to get on top of my chores!! A list would definitely help, may try that :). Aww a wedding dress how lovely, and show invites that sounds amazing. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week x

  2. We spend so much time typing and staring at screens, it’s great to go back to scribbling in a book. I don’t think you can beat it and having a lovely journal to do it in is an added bonus. Glad it’s helping you to keep calm too. #coolmumclub

  3. What a great idea. Sometimes motherhood can spin out of your control and it’s important to regain some perspective. Lists – I love lists. That and knowing what I am going to make for tea every day. #coolmumclub

  4. Writing in a journal like this sounds wonderful. I suffer with depression, so it could be very helpful to me.
    I am hoping the weather improves again so that I can also have some time working outside.
    Have a lovely week x

    1. I’ve found it to be very balancing. I will focus on everything negative until I start to believe that’s all there is. So writing down 3 positive things every day, even if I struggle, is brilliant for me. I really want more good weather to get back outside for the day! Thanks for reading. Hugs xx

  5. Ahh so lovely to read that keeping the journal has helped. Ive just ordered a similar one as I suffer with anxiety badly myself…fingers crossed!!! Sounds like some lovely highlights to your week 🙂 #bestandworst x
    Hayley McLean recently posted…Siblings In JuneMy Profile

    1. My journal has made a real difference to me. I hope your’s work. I have also been reading ‘Calm’ I would recommend it, it’s a lovely book with lots of pretty pages and great ideas. xx

  6. Christmas in July party you say? That sounds amazing! I love Christmas and it can’t come quick enough for me each year so I could do with a little pick me up to get me through the summer haha. Hope you have a brilliant time in Bavaria. x

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