Feeling Calm 27

Feeling Calm #27

For my birthday I was given a great new book ‘Calm’ and a journal from my friends to help me find some calm in my life and to de-stress a little. I have been writing in my journal everyday and on Wednesday’s I go through the daily highlights I’ve written down and pick out my 10 favourites. 

Pretty flowers in the garden
Pretty flowers in the garden

After a string of amazing weeks it only seems fitting that things have gone terribly wrong. Having lost a major client I’m facing the very real possibility that I’ll have to return to work for a bit and put a pause on my Work from Home dream. Especially as my car has started making some very worrying and most likely expensive sounds. So it has been extra important to carry on with my gratitude journal. I need to stay focused. Remain calm and keep my balance.

So here are my top 10 moments from the past 7 days;

1. Having a great swimming lesson. These are few and far between. In fact we had decided to cancel them after this lesson. As if he knew, he had an ace lesson and really enjoyed it. It was so much fun. So lessons are still on for a bit.

Enjoying a picnic with my boy
Enjoying a picnic with my boy

2. Getting cuddles and a kiss from L when he saw I was sad. I always try very hard to be happy in front of him. My worries are not his. Sometimes that’s not possible. To have him come up to me and try to cheer me up was the sweetest thing. For one it shows me what I’m doing this all for. Secondly, it makes me realise how much he has grown and what a great little boy he is becoming.

3. Spending a lovely morning with my friend and her son. Having a good catch up. Eating delicious homemade pizza and cake. She is such a good friend she sent me home with cake. Everybody needs a friend like her!

His 5.30am Wake Up call face
His 5.30am Wake Up call face, it was so nice to not see it just once!

4. L sleeping in. Doesn’t need much explanation really, all you parents out there know how amazing a lie in is. After several 5.30am wake up calls this one was truly enjoyed.

5. Enjoying a lovely family trip to Eaton Park. We watched the model boats on the lake. Had an ice cream and played at the park. We didn’t ride on the trains sadly but we did hide behind a lot of trees.

Beautiful Eaton Park
Beautiful Eaton Park

6. Chilling out at my sister’s for a family BBQ. It was sunny and chilled out. L was in his element, he is obsessed with his Aunt and Uncle, he kept us all laughing. Especially when he loudly shouted out ‘Mummy’s big tummy, wobbles like jelly’ what a charmer. It’s true though 🙁

7.OK this one will sound bad but L fell over whilst we enjoying the BBQ. He’s fine, so I’m not a horrible parent or anything. The result of the fall was the most epic cuddle ever! That cuddle was one of my daily highlights. My little man all snuggled in, twirling my hair through his fingers and really just needing his mummy. Lush.

Enjoying Ice Cream at Eaton Park
Enjoying Ice Cream at Eaton Park

8. A night on the sofa binge watching Lucifer with husb, eating pizza and enjoyed a couple of cold beers. Has anyone else watched Lucifer? We’ve finished the season already. I got a little bit obsessed, OK so obsessed, with it. He is a very attractive Devil and the show was really well written and so funny.

9. Getting out and about in the sun, by myself. I was only running errands but it was still good. I had to drop husb’s pushbike off at Halfords as it had broken. Go to Tesco for some shopping, but they had a great sale on their summer clothes. Hang laundry out and such forth. But getting to do it in the sun was so nice. Getting out of the house and doing a few bits by myself was even nicer.



  1. My lovely fabulous friend sending me a little surprise present. Chocolate dipped strawberries to make me feel better as she knew I had been ill. Considering I had forgotten I was supposed to be seeing her getting a get well soon present was unexpected. Just what I need though. They didn’t last long! Nom nom.

I’m really glad I write down a few positives from each day and then go back through them each week. It helps keep me focused, calm and therefore happy. It is also a great way to keep a note of the things we’ve done.

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8 thoughts on “Feeling Calm #27”

  1. Ah you totally had me at number 2 – that totally made my heart melt. I love it when they do that. Just magic. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely lady xx

  2. You do have lovely friends…nom nom. Hope the work doesn’t stop for you lovely and the car holds up. Big yay to the lie ins…amazing and the cuddles sometimes after an injury can be amazing (hehe). Hope you have a good one next week and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  3. I think it’s a great idea to make a list of all the positives, in order to remind you that there are not only negatives! I think many of us could stand to do this a little more often, to take stock of things 🙂 #BestandWorst

    1. It’s weeks like this when it’s all gone a bit tits up I really appreciate writing down the good, otherwise I’d blow everything out of all proportion and meltdown!! It’s way nicer to remember the fun stuff. Thanks for reading xx

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