Feeling Calm

Feeling Calm #62

For my birthday last year I was given a great book ‘Calm’ and a journal from my friends. To help me find some calm in my life and to de-stress a little. I have been writing in my journal everyday since and on Wednesday’s (or late on a Tuesday) I go through the daily highlights I’ve written down and pick out my 10 favourites. 

Well I nearly skipped this week, but the reasons I nearly skipped it are the exact same reasons I needed to write it.

I’ve been feeling more than a little overwhelmed these last few days. Logically there’s no real reason for it, so I know it is just me and my issues. I have been putting things off which is ridiculous as it doesn’t help. I’m tired, so tired, in fact I opened up my laptop to start writing, then promptly fell asleep. It is the middle of the day!

Now, however, I’m awake. With lots to do. Starting with my top ten moments from the last 7 days:

Feeling Calm
A little bit of football
  1. After disappointing L by going to vote, he thought I’d said we were going on a boat. I took him to the park to make up for things. He was off and had such fun running around and giggling.

    Feeling Calm
    Sandpit or mole hill?
  2. Whilst we were at the park, I stopped to reply to a message and in those few moments found L sitting in the middle of a mole hill. He thought it was a sandpit.

    Feeling Calm
    Watching the sloth at the zoo
  3. We had a lovely trip to the zoo. I was a bit jealous of the sloth, relaxing in his bed. It was nice to get out for a walk though. It had been a tough day with L, and for an hour or two we just all got to relax and have fun.

    Feeling Calm
    Such a little poser
  4. L has had a delivery from JCB Kids and has been loving his new clothes. He’s so funny and keeps asking to have his picture taken. I loved this little pose.

    Feeling Calm
    A fresh, clean giraffe
  5. Bathing the giraffe. Poor old Gerry goes through a lot and needs washing far more often than I can manage to pry him away from L. But after a yogurt incident L popped him into the machine himself and kept going back to check on him. He was very happy to have him back afterwards and keeps telling people Gerry isn’t stinky anymore.

    Feeling Calm
    A bit excited
  6. Re-living my childhood with some Sylvanian Families. I’m not sure who has been having the most fun, me or L. He’s really enjoyed having the little animals to play with and it has certainly sparked his imagination.

    Feeling Calm
    Just doing his jobs
  7. I found L in the kitchen like this. He was busy with some paper and pencils. ‘Just doing my important jobs mummy’. It’s so sweet watching him doing things like this.

    Feeling Calm
    Baking together
  8. L and I baked a cake together. I love cooking with him. It’s always fun and we get cake at the end, yey. He was in charge of the decorating. I think he got just enough cherries.

    Feeling Calm
    Sleepy cuddles
  9. After a busy day, and not feeling quite himself. L cuddled up on my lap for a snoozy afternoon. Nothing better than cuddles. Even with a dead arm.

    Feeling Calm
    Trying on his new puddle jumping suit
  10. Getting home from work and opening some parcels. I’d ordered L a new all in one raincoat as he has a Muddy Puddle walk coming up at nursery and we’ve been saying for a while he could do with one. He insisted on trying it on right away and posing for pictures. He’s so funny.

I’m really glad I write down a few positives from each day and then go back through them each week, or in this case month. It helps keep me focused, calm and therefore happy. It is also a great way to keep a note of the things we’ve done.

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4 thoughts on “Feeling Calm #62”

  1. Life can be so overwhelming! It’s definitely helpful to focus on the positives.
    You’ve got me wondering whether I’ve still got my Sylvanian Families in the loft… #BloggersClubUK

    1. I really struggle when I feel overwhelmed and just shut down, which is a vicious cycle as it only makes me more stressed as the workload increases. I have to force myself to get on with it! I would love to be a sloth 🙂

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