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Feisty Pets Review

Perfect for a hilarious Halloween treat there are four new Feisty Pets ready to be collected; Sammy Suckerpunch, Glenda Glitterpoop, Princess Pottymouth and Sir Growls-A-Lot. L has been playing with them and practising his best Feisty Faces!Feisty Pets

We were sent the bear, Sir Growls-A-Lot and the little cat, Princess Pottymouth. All cute and cuddly until you squeeze their heads and then, bam, the eyes narrow and the teeth come out. They are hilarious.Feisty Pets

L has loved playing with them and gets them to chomp on things, though I had to swiftly explain why the cat’s tail, I mean our actual cat, not Princess Pottymouth, was out of bounds.Feisty Pets

He loves popping out from behind the furniture and scaring us with the creatures and has created some rather interesting stories about them.Feisty Pets

His favourite thing has been picking on the adults in his life who don’t know what they are. The grandparents have all been shocked and his aunt and uncle thought they were hilarious. Even the poor postman has been collared to see his pets scary faces.Feisty Pets

My favourite thing has been seeing his scary faces though, as he switches from cute to terrifying. They work very well as a metaphor for raising children thinking about it, all cute and sweet then freaking out because you cut their sandwiches up all wrong!Feisty Pets

These are good fun and make a bit of a different gift. They are £14.99 each and are a lovely size, they look like a normal cuddly and are just as soft and squishy, apart from the head that’s the feisty bit. You’ll find them at Argos and Smyths.Feisty Pets

Disclosure – we were sent our pets in return for a honest review, all thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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  1. What a great idea. My granddaughters would love chasing everyone around the house with one of these.

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