Find Your Way with a PAJ GPS tracker

With a GPS tracker for vehicles of all shapes and sizes and even for people combined with an easy to use app PAJ GPS offer an excellent solution for so many tracking needs.

Want to keep track of your car, truck, work vehicle or fleet then a tracker is the best way to do that. Personal trackers work in the same way but are smaller and lighter, perfect if you are worried about an elderly relative or your young person. Cars, people whatever you want to keep safe it’s all good so long as everyone knows and is OK with it!


For us it’s just nice for peace of mind to know where the cars are. I guess there’s no particular need, but it’s just takes a layer of worry away. It’s nothing I think about often, more of a just in case. I guess it’s less about the car being stolen, though we were burgled many years ago and that’s the kind of thing that sticks with you, it’s more about what if I broke down, or crashed, or anything that maybe left me somewhere in trouble and lost.

I’m always lost, so that in itself isn’t a new thing. My phone and Google Maps is my saviour but a GPS tracker offers more than that, it’s easy for other people to be allowed access to your location. But only the people you want. You can set up geofences so you get notified when the trackers enters or leaves a specific area. They are also something that once you have set up you just don’t have to think about again. Which for me, when I am arguably just being paranoid and catastrophising my very simple drive to and from work, is honestly what I need. No constant reminders, just a safe, running behind the scenes back up plan to stop me worrying.


For businesses I think the reasons to have a GPS tracker are far more clear cut. Your vehicles are part of your currency. Work vans filled with equipment, cars that get you to and from clients, tractors and diggers that may be how you get your work completed. We can all see the value in knowing where these things are and in real time.

The reasons for maybe needing a GPS tracker for actual people are far more nuanced. As I mentioned above it must be something mutually agreed, but it can be really useful. You may have a child at an age where they want to start going out on their own but you’re not quite there yet and want the added peace of mind. Or someone who has just passed their driving test and you worry about their safety and just want to be able to check in if needed. Those with dementia who may be at risk of wandering seems to be another vaid use.


We’ve been trying out one of the PAJ GPS trackers at home and I have been very impressed. I really didn’t know what to expect at first but from the moment our tracker arrived it has been easy and provided me with the peace of mind I have been looking for.

The tracker itself couldn’t be more simple. Charge it up, make sure it’s switched on and link it to the app. Then place it in, or on you vehicle. My model comes with a strong magnetic plate that you can affix to your vehicle and then the tracker just sticks to the plate so you can remove it quickly and easily for charging.

Now speaking of charging, a single charge can last up to 90 days which is just insane. Obviously that depends on use and depends on the model of tracker you select. But with one hour of tracking a day and the rest on standby, which the tracker does automatically for you that’s not bad going at all.


Now the PAJ GPS app is where all the clever little bits hide. From simple things like selecting the time of map you like and changing the icon for your tracker to one of the stock images or a personal photo, to the bigger things like setting up alarms for speeding, if the unit senses a large shock or setting up an area that will trigger an alarm if left.

The app is where you go to see the routes taken, the times and all the previous alerts. I like how simple it is to use, you can easily select the information you want to see and just ignore the rest. See it all and make the most of all the functions, or just stick to the basics. It’s up to you.

Now it is important to note this doesn’t come for free. Already inside your tracker is a SIM card which allows the GPS to work. The SIM is designed to pick up the best available network and it will work in over 100 countries. The subscription costs I thought were actually really reasonable, the best value is £89.99 for a 2 year pass, or you can go for £54.99 annually, don’t want to tie in at all then you can just pay £5.99 per month.

The trackers themselves start at £29.99 and can be purchased from Amazon or PAJ GPS.

Disclosure – we were gifted our tracker and a one month subscription. I have also been compensated for my time.

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