Fire on the water 2022

Fire on the Water: Beach Edition – Review

On Saturday we kicked of half term with a bang by attending the opening night of Fire on The Water: Beach Edition in Great Yarmouth. We didn’t visit last year so we were ready for a surprise and my gosh it is a spectacle.

Fire on the water 2022

We started the night in Embar, a lovely tented area with comfy sofas and little tables where you can go to enjoy a drink and a snack. It was lovely to listen to the opening speeches and just sense the excitement of all those who had put in so much hard work and were about to see the fruits of their labour. After the opening celebrations had finished the three of us headed out to see all that Fire on the Water had to offer.

Whilst there is a more free flowing feels to this years event there is still very much a flow of people that it is easier to follow along with, but there are plenty of areas where you can stop off to enjoy the displays before moving on to the next thing. With ‘musical’ trees, fire breathing dragons, pictures made of light and more there is something new at every turn. On top of all the displays there are also different shows at intervals during the night on the stage in front of Embar.

Fire on the water 2022

There were plenty of food options and a tent with crafts for the children to take part in. There are benches dotted about for sitting on and though bringing your own chairs is encouraged, I personally wouldn’t, as it was very busy and carrying and moving chairs about would have really impeded our evening, we found the sand was comfortable enough.

I really enjoyed the event, it was lovely to do something different to the norm and it was a lovely atmosphere. The sights, sounds and smells of all the various fire based displays was really quite something and we all had our own favourites. I also enjoyed that despite it being a somewhat cool evening there were often little bursts of fire to warm your face!

L’s favourite display was a musical tree, the flames coming through different pipes made a variety of sounds, many of which highly amused a nine year old boy, I’ll leave that to your imagination. My favourite was the dragon, it was just stunning, breathtaking really. Husb genuinely just loved the whole event, he was in his element.

Fire on the Water: Beach Edition is running until 29th October and based on how busy it was when we were there I would definitely suggest booking your tickets now so you get to enjoy the fiery experience.

Fire on the water 2022

Disclosure – we were gifted our tickets to allow us to experience the event. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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