Our First Experience of Barracudas Day Activity Camp – Norwich

L spent the first two days of his Easter Break at Barracudas Day Activity Camp in Norwich with his best mate. I was so happy to get to work with them this year, and despite being super organised about it, I would be lying if I said I had no concerns. Well now he has been and I am delighted, truly delighted. So I thought I’d share a little bit about our experience.


I’ll start by listing my worries, as I think they are fairly normal, at least I hope so, then I’ll talk a bit about what we found. Hopefully if you are thinking about booking and aren’t sure, it will be helpful for you.

Barracudas Camp Kit
Barracudas Camp Kit
  • My main and biggest worry was whether or not L would actually enjoy it!
  • Closely followed by would his friend enjoy it. I had roped him into going purely so L would have a cum, if he hated it I would have felt dreadful.
  • Would it be worth the money? Now I know we didn’t have to pay as we are working with Barracudas as Brand Ambassadors, but I always think about how I would feel if I had paid for it, so I can write an honest take on it for everyone reading. A day at camp is £45 , though there are several discounts available for early booking or booking multiple days etc, which could bring it down. All my thoughts are based on the full £45 cost.
  • I was dreading dropping him off. Me leaving him anywhere can often result in tears and clinging and a lot of anguish for us both. So I was properly dreading that part!
  • Did I pack enough lunch for him?
  • Would he be looked after enough, shown where to fill up water bottles and where the bathrooms were? Would there be enough adults? Just general niggles. about him being OK.
  • Had I booked too many days for his first time at anything like this?
  • Would we have ruined the chance of him going to any form of school holiday club again?

Yes I know I am a worrier, yes I know some things were ridiculous to worry about, but still I was, I hope I’m not too crazy!

Quite honestly I shouldn’t have worried about a single thing, the kids had a blast and it was super easy for us adults.

L had the best time, all my worrying about him joining in and enjoying himself were blown out the water from the second I picked him up after his first day. He was handed to me in clean clothes as he had got so muddy playing outside they popped him into the spare clothes I’d chucked in his bag. If that’s not a sign of a good time I don’t know what is!

As for his friend, well he had so much fun he was begging to go back for more days. They are both really excited to go again over the summer holidays! I’m still glad I booked them in together as walking in together as friends helped with any nerves either of them had. Getting to spend time together without us grown ups was epic in itself. Getting to ride go karts, play football, hunt for Billy Barracuda in the woods, jump on the bouncy castle and try out foam fencing amongst other things was simply a bonus.


Was it worth the money? Simply put, yes! We could drop the kids of at 8.30am and pick them up at 5.30pm, that’s 9 hours, which makes the hourly rate £5. Our babysitter is £7 per hour and whilst lovely, does not have go karts! If we had taken them on a day out to a local attraction we’d have been looking at £40 entry at the very least, plus I would have to take time off work. The activities available to them and the care given to them was outstanding, both myself and L’s friend’s mum were very impressed.

The drop off was flipping fantastic, very well organised. There could have maybe been a little bit more signage for us adults trying to fund where we were going but other than that it was smooth and just brilliant. We arrived signed the kids in, they were given name labels and we were given pick up cards and that days password. Then, and this was the brilliant bit, a waiting team member took the kids off to their base room, this meant the kids were leaving us, not the other way round and avoided any tears or even any opportunity for it as they were just whisked off. Perfect. There was also the days activity timetable on display so we could see what they would be getting up to that day, I took a picture each day so I could chat to him about it afterwards and prompt him into telling me what he had done, as if left to him he would say he couldn’t remember or simply did nothing!


I packed more than enough lunch, way more than was needed, but I would continue doing the same as he ate the rest of it in the car on the way home! He was so exhausted each day that being able to feed him immediately was a real bonus, no hangry kid for me!

Of course he was well looked after, I was being ridiculous worrying, but it’s odd leaving your kid with complete strangers! He told me all about the tour he was given, spoke about what to do if he heard the fire alarm, said he liked his room where he left all his bits and bobs and could go back to in between activities. He had definitely refilled his water bottle. I asked him about the grown ups looking after him, he said there weren’t any, when I explained it was the people running the activities I was informed they weren’t grown ups they were too fun.

Had I booked too many days? No! I hadn’t booked enough. When we picked up the kids Tuesday one of the ladies who had been working with his group just checked if it was their last day and was so sad to see them go as they had been having so much fun, brilliant too hear! L is excited about going back over the summer and L’s friend was begging to go back next week. We are definitely going to sort them out with a whole week for the Summer Break.


Have I ruined the chance of him going to a camp again, yes, in a way I have. I was worried that he might not be ready for this and would have a bad experience and therefore wouldn’t return. In actuality he had so much fun I genuinely can’t see how anything else would ever compare, I think the only camp he will now accept is Barracudas!

They loved having their camp kit, with bottles and T-Shirts and hats. They loved being with each other. They loved the activities. The really loved Billy Barracuda. They loved being away from us. The only thing I wish I could have done was sneak in to watch them, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.

Disclosure – we have been gifted our Camp Kit and some free days at the camp in return for our opinion and acting as a Brand Ambassador.

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