Fitness and Health Trackers from Terraillon – a Review

As part of my attempts to lose weight and get more active ready for Bridesmaid duties last year I have been sent a fitness tracker and connected bathroom scales from Terraillon.

Terraillon are a housewares brand, who design and make health and well-being products and have a whole range of connected devices that link to their Wellness Coach app. There are kitchen and bathroom scales, activity trackers, and blood pressure monitors.

Terraillon Connected Fitness Products
Terraillon Connected Fitness Products

I have been sent the activi-T band which is an activity tracker that monitors steps, distance and calories burned as well as your sleep patterns, duration and quality.

It retails at £50.00 which is very good value in comparison to other trackers. It is comfortable to wear, I literally have it on 24/7. The large screen is easy to use, showing the time, steps, calories burned and distance travelled all at the touch of a button. It is fine to wear in the shower and I’ve even left it on for toddler swim lessons and it has been fine. With just one button it couldn’t be more simple, just scroll through the 4 screens to see what you need, a 5 second hold to pop the device into sleep mode and a 10 second hold to sync it to the app.

Activi-T Bands
Activi-T Bands

Accuracy wise I have found the steps count, distance and calorie tracking to be very similar to my husbands tracker on the days we’ve been out and about together. Sleep wise it is a bit iffy, for starters it assumes you are asleep from the moment you turn it to sleep mode until the moment you turn it off, which is obviously inaccurate and a real pain if you forget to switch modes. When the sleep information downloads to the app it can also be a bit hit and miss, I’ve had days that it has said I’ve been in a deep sleep the whole night when actually I’ve been up to the little one and days where it has said I’ve been awake the whole night, which has been news to me!

My Sleep Data - hmm was I really awake all night?
My Sleep Data – hmm was I really awake all night?

You can set the band up with an alarm via the app so it will gently vibrate to wake you up, I haven’t used this function, I don’t need it, I have a toddler he is my alarm, so I cannot comment on how it works.

The charge time is amazing, I have had this since 17th March, today is 15th April. I have had to charge it up on the day it arrived and once more, that is all! To charge it just plugs straight into a USB port and a full charge takes roughly 2 hours, just under, I like to charge it whilst I work so I don’t miss any steps etc. You don’t get a battery display, so you don’t know how full/empty the battery is, but you get several hours worth of use from when the low battery signal pops up. For me I first noticed the low battery note at lunch time and it continued just fine until that evening, at least 5 hours, before I popped it on to charge.

A Weeks worth of Steps
A Weeks worth of Steps

The band does exactly what it says it will and I’m pleased with the price and accuracy, it would be nice if it distinguished between the different types of activity you were doing, walking, cycling, running etc but as it doesn’t make any claims that it can I cannot grumble that it doesn’t.

I have also been sent the WebCoach easyview bathroom scales, these retail at £120 and I’m thoroughly impressed. The scales analyse your body composition including weight, body fat, muscle mass, body water and bone mass. I’ve never done that before, so it was an eye opener that’s for sure. The scales turn on and off automatically so you don’t have to worry about wasting the batteries.

Body Mass Scales
Body Mass Scales

I love that the screen is both large and removable, so if you need to change the settings, switch between profiles or use the timer function you can just hold it in your hand or pop it on the side, very handy.

It uses cutting-edge technology to connect with up to 8 smartphones simultaneously via the wellness tracker app, you can also use the profiles just on the scales or have them linked to one app on the one phone, so you can use them however you wish.

Again I’m very happy with the accuracy, they weigh to 2 decimal places, match with all my old scales and you can choose how to view your weight, kilo’s, pounds, stones and pounds, however works best for you. Previously I’ve owned digital scales that don;t give you all this options and when kilo’s mean nothing to me and pounds are fine but I have to convert to stones to be meaningful it’s nice just to set them up as you want.

Hints and tips for a healthier life
Hints and tips for a healthier life

To be fair I don’t use many of the functions that these scales offer, the teeth brushing timer, the shower timer, the room temperature. I do like having the time in the bathroom and I do like when it smiles at me if I’m closer to my target weight, I’ve set the other half up with a profile as well. They were a bit complicated to set up, in that you actually need the instructions, but with the instructions it’s actually all fairly simple.

At £120 these are definitely at the top end of what I would consider paying but I do find them ever so useful, especially for helping with my weight loss and giving me a visual cue on my fat and water percentages. They have a lot of features and can be used by everyone in the family which I really like.

My devices on the app
My devices on the app

Whilst I love the products I have been sent I now need to mention the Wellness Coach app, which is integral to their use and unfortunately filled with bugs. I use the Android version of the app, it is also available on iOS but I cannot comment on how the iOS version works. I have a Nexus 5X so physically couldn’t have a more up to date version of Android thanks to being Google’s own device so it is a shame the app leaves so much to be desired.

It is quick to install and doesn’t use much battery or memory which is positive. The UI is easy to use and looks pleasing. The graphs are great for keeping track of progress and I like the awards but I shall list the issues I have had.

A quiz about eating out, or a picture of a quiche
A quiz about eating out, or a picture of a quiche
  • It crashes, regularly.
  • Every time it crashes it resets the data stored on my scales to the default data, including my measurement preferences.  So most mornings I have randomly been turned into a 2ft 8 child, being weighed in kilos, so I always have to reset the scales.
  • You cannot save you’re height, waist or weight measurement to your profile on the app, so it doesn’t calculate your BMI correctly and doesn’t allow you to set a realistic weight goal as that is based on your BMI. Unfortunately it thinks I am 10 inches tall,  weigh 106lb, have a waist of 2474783647 inches and have a BMI of 15760 something or the other, as it only allows you to set a target weight within your healthy BMI it has set my target at 24lb, which I will never, ever, unless I am long dead get to.
  • Because it has set my weight target ridiculously low my weight loss chart has that as it’s base line, meaning all my weight loss data looks like a straight line due to the tiny increment it can move, this is just depressing when I’m doing so well.
  • The sleep data doesn’t always download, which in itself doesn’t bother me as it’s the thing I use least but if you are trying to get all the trophies, like having tracked your sleep for 30 consecutive days, it would be irritating.
  • The steps and sleep data sometimes gets stuck and won’t update for days, so it can be hard to monitor where you are at for the week or day.
  • The trophies either award to you at the wrong time, or not at all. I have an award for having walked from Paris to New York which is 5,836km, when the app knows I have only walked 129km since I started using it, so why do I have the reward? It also means when I do legitimately get to that stage I won;t get the award which would have meant a great deal to me as I find things like that motivating. Yet I do not have the award for having connected two devices when I so plainly have! Strangely though some come through just as they should, but to me have lost some of their meaning.
  • A couple of the quizzes in the wellness section just don’t work, they just tell me what they will do and show me a picture of a quiche!! Random.

    Some of the awards I have achieved

On the plus side, it is really easy to delete data should you need to , view old measurements and I like the hints and tips it gives you. I have found that tracking my activity has indeed made me more active and that I am looking to increase my targets to make them harder. I feel a real sense of satisfaction to see my targets being hit.

Due to all the bugs in the app it does make a lot of the data collected a bit useless. I still love the products I have been sent and am glad to be on board at such an early stage, I am still really eager to try the connected blood pressure monitors and the nutritional scales and I can’t wait to see what happens when they fix some of the problems and pop updates through. When the app is fixed and everything is up and running as it should be these will be a formidable set of products.

Disclosure – I was gifted my products in return for an honest review

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