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Flying Owls at Lavenham Falconry

I love owls. Always have done. So when Husb got me an owl experience from Lavenham Falconry for our wedding anniversary last year I was thrilled. I can’t believe I’ve only just found a second o write about it. Oh and I’m going to apologise now for all the photos, there are a lot and I narrowed down my selection!!Lavenham Falconry

As my experience was a gift I don’t know how much it cost and I’ve purposefully avoided looking, so I’m afraid you guys will have to do your own research on that front!! I’m sure it’s all on their website though. Lavenham FalconryLavenham Falconry

We actually ended up going twice as my first experience wasn’t very good. It was cut short with hardly any time at all with the birds due to the huge size of our group. As soon as husb contacted them to express his disappointment they apologised, explained they were having some issues with their book system and straight offered for us to come back. So that’s all I’ll mention of our first trip as I feel they 100% handled the issue. Lavenham FalconryLavenham Falconry

The second time we visited was an amazing experience.  I ended up with nearly double the time paid for. I got to fly and handle so many different owls and hawks. Even spending some time with a baby owl who was loving being stroked and cuddled, very therapeutic. I was made up. Lavenham Falconry

I really got to spend some quality time with each bird. I got flapped at by a beautiful Harris Hawk. Cuddled the sweet Scops Owl. Listened to the curious sounding Wood Owl. Watching all the owls and hawks fly was breathtaking. Really breathtaking. Even husb, who didn’t get to fly anything, loved watching and he was able to get close and stroke the birds I was holding and take some magnificent pictures. I liked that even those ‘just’ spectating were able to involved. Lavenham FalconryLavenham Falconry

The overall feel of the experience was more like an informal gathering of friends as we chatted about anything and everything. Though it mostly centred around the birds, that’s why we were all there after all. It frequently went of on tangents and I think everyone there felt really at ease. I certainly did. Even on our first visit, which L came along too, he was involved and people spoke to him and made sure he was OK with the owls flying close. He was. One buzzed his head which he still talks about today, months later. Lavenham FalconryLavenham Falconry

What struck me was the passion of the handlers and their knowledge. It was a really interesting experience as they made sure to take time to teach us a bit about the birds and about handling them. Their knowledge and passion just shone through. Lavenham FalconryLavenham Falconry

I would certainly recommend anyone who wants a personal, small and intimate experience with some fabulous birds of prey heads to Lavenham Falconry. What they offered was perfect for us. Even recommending places for us to visit after we left so we could make the most of our day out. We took their recommendation of Kentwell Hall, which I’ll write about soon. Lavenham FalconryLavenham Falconry

Mostly I just want to say thank you to husb for getting me such a thoughtful gift, every now and then you really do nail it on the gift front!! I also want to say thank you to everyone we dealt with at Lavenham Falconry for giving me a wonderful and unforgettable experience. I’m sure I’ll be back and I can’t wait to see all the planned extensions. Lavenham FalconryLavenham Falconry

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