Flying Tiger Father's Day

Flying Tiger Father’s Day Canvas

Flying Tiger sell amazing value and great quality crafting goods, with paints and canvases starting at only £1. They kindly sent L and I bundle to get creative with and L asked to make something for his Daddy, so that’s what we did. 

I had all these grand plans about what I was going to create with L. I pictured a series of hand print animals, or maybe something to do with the alphabet. L, however, just wanted to make his Daddy a surprise for Father’s Day. They have been crafting things at nursery so it’s on his mind.

Flying Tiger Father's Day
Paints, canvas, paint brushes, boot. That’s all you need.

As it was a nice sunny day (nothing to do with it being easier to get messy) we popped out into the garden to create something special for him.

We had some lovely bright acrylic paints and a couple of canvases to use.

My idea is quick and simple. Anyone can do it. You just need some drying time and a few paint brushes, preferably sponge tipped, but any old brush will do.

Flying Tiger Father's Day
Paint Canvas

Step one. Get your child to pick three different paint colours. One for the background and then two more.

Step two. With your child completely cover the canvas, sides and all, with your chosen background colour. Leave to dry.

Flying Tiger Father's Day
Find a shoe or boot

Step three. Whilst the canvas is drying find a shoe of boot of the daddy you are crafting for. Not his best set, a pair that can get a bit of paint on them, make sure they have a good tread pattern. Anything too smooth won’t work.

Flying Tiger Father's Day
Boot print time

Step four. Cover the sole of your shoe or boot with paint colour number two. You’ll need a good layer but make sure it doesn’t fill the tread depths. This is why a sponge is good. Then print it onto the canvas and leave to dry.

Step five. Get a bowl of hot soapy water and a towel ready. Removes socks, shoes, potentially trousers as well from the child.

Flying Tiger Father's Day
Footprint time

Step six. Using paint colour three, cover little ones foot in paint. Gently, pushing on the back of the canvas if needed, print their footprint inside the show print.

Step seven. Dunk child into war, soapy water immediately. Inside or outside you don’t need a freshly painted child leaving footprints everywhere!  Dry and re-dress.

Flying Tiger Father's Day
He’s still so little!

Step eight. When the canvas has dried use a marker pen to add your message and the year, so you know how old they were when you made it.

Step nine. Train your child in the art of secret keeping. When his daddy got home from work, L yelled out of the window, ‘Daddy, Daddy! We made you a surprise, we painted the garden and your boots and my foot! Daddy! Come and see it NOOOWWW!!!’

Flying Tiger Father's Day
Happy Father’s Day

Surprised or not, it’s a lovely keepsake. Easy to make and with Flying Tiger incredibly affordable. Now to find somewhere to hang it.

Happy Father’s Day guys.

Disclosure – we were sent our products so I could make this project. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This is such a sweet idea, I really love it. I might need to try this out for hubby’s birthday card 🙂 Thanks for joining us at #craftycorner x

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