Varta Powerpack 2600

Fully Charged with Varta

I’ve been using a Varta Powerpack for nearly a year now. I’m obsessed with it. It’s my lifeline and it travels everywhere with me. Husb has always been envious of my constant power source. So he was really pleased to get to check out the Varta Portable Powerpack 2600.

Now to be clear I have been using the Varta Indestructible Powerpack 6000 which provides up to 3 full phone charges, has two USB outlets and is droppable, water resistant and holds it’s charge for up to 6 months. So I can fill it up, drop it in my handbag and know without a shadow of a doubt I’ll have power where ever I am. It is a bloggers dream, really, if you are on your phone as much as me you need this.

Any way I digress. Husb blatantly didn’t need anything as high powered as this but he had seen how much I love it and used it himself. But I just can’t have him stealing my power now, can I? So that’s where the Varta Portable Powerpack 2600 comes in.

Varta Powerpack 2600
Varta Powerpack 2600

It’s small, really light and comes in lovely colours, we chose grey. It provides up to an entire charge depending on your phone. There’s even has a hanging loop so you can attach it to your key chain, bag or rucksack. It comes with a 50cm micro USB cable included. We both have USB C on our phone but already own C to A cables so just use those instead.

It retails at £7.99 which is a total bargain and did I mention it comes out of the pack fully charged. Oh yes. You can have a no power on your phone emergency. Find somewhere that sells these lovely Varta Powerpacks. Then all is well with the world again. These emergencies do exist. I recently trekked across half of London to get a new cable as I’d left mine in the car before getting on the tube.

I love that you can get the right Powerpack for you from Varta. One perfect for the odd top up here and there or one that will withstand whatever you can through at it.

Disclosure – we were provided out Powerpack in exchange for an honest review.


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