Fun and Giggles with Shout! Review & Competition

We love a good board game and when we went away for Easter we were really happy to take along SHOUT! a really fun game from Drumond Park.

Shout! from Drumond Park
Shout! from Drumond Park


This was perfect for us as it can be played with only two people but teams can pretty much get as large as you want them and let me tell you it is hilarious! It’s filled with quirky questions and funny picture puzzles that you have to make connections with and some of them will leave you feeling like you’ve gone crazy, whilst other’s are refreshingly easy.

We were both it fits of laughter, on more than one occasion, one of the cards gave you picture clues for two words that were spelt differently but pronounced the same, like Fete and Fate, Husb could not get his head round this, one too many glasses of wine I think. Once again my severe lack of geographical knowledge let me down but all in in all it was a fairly well matched game.

Getting ready to enjoy our evening's entertainment
Getting ready to enjoy our evening’s entertainment

It took the two us about 25 minutes to play one game, which was actually a very nice length of time, neither too long nor too short.

I liked that each  of the 167 challenge cards are double sided, so you’ll get to keep playing for ages. Each card has 9 themed clues and you then get 60 seconds to try and guess as many answers as possible, then there’s the double or nothing card to add a bit more drama, get all 9 answers for 18 points but any less and you leave with nothing.

Ready to play Shout!
Ready to play Shout!

This is the perfect game for when family and friends get together as the answers could be guessed by anyone, regardless of age, it’s fun and bright design also makes it look very appealing.

With an rrp of £29.99 it’s amazing value and it’s suitable for ages 12 and up. For stockists and to play games online, visit

For your chance to win a copy simply enter your details into the app below.


Disclosure – we were given our game free of charge in return for an honest review.

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