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Fun & Clever Storage from Liberty Trading

Liberty TradingLiberty Trading are this great online store that sell everything from gifts to home wares. I was recently given the run of their online shop to pick something for myself to review. I went for a fab storage cube which doubles as a seat and I love it.

I’ll quickly give you the run down of other things I considered before opting for the sensible choice of a storage cube. 

  1. A 3D Bob the Minion Wall Light. Now this was probably the strongest contender, because, well, look at it. It is freaking amazing.

    Bob Light
    Bob Light
  2. I was also really quite taken with the A4 Cinematic Light Box. An added bit of flair for my blog photos. A nice way to welcome guests. It is really cool.

  3. I briefly considered a Man Utd Garden Gnome for husb. But then I realised that I would rather treat myself and I didn’t want a Man Utd Gnome in my garden. It is quite cute though.

    Man Utd Gnome
    Man Utd Gnome

There were plenty of other things I considered as well. It was a hard decision to make, as they really do seem to sell everything. But I opted for the Liberty Trading for two reasons. I do not have remotely enough storage in our house do to L’s ever expanding toy collection and we do not have enough seating in the house when people visit, so a little something extra to perch on would be handy.

It clearly only works as seating if your child hasn’t stolen the padded lid

It got delivered really quickly and was well packaged. Because it folds up it was really easy to put together. Unfold, insert solid base, put on cushioned lid. For something that folds it is incredibly sturdy. It has been climbed on and put through it’s paces by L and it even supports my huge bum!! That’s pretty impressive.

giraffe bed
Clearly it makes a very good giraffe bed, lucky old Gerry

Other than it briefly being seconded as a giraffe bed when it was delivered, it has solely been used as toy storage and seating. It holds a surprising amount. Namely one bag of mega blocks, all his wooden animals, the cars, ramps and removable items from his garage set, a variety of other random tat that I find during the day (normally having stood on it) as well as a very large and noisy car I like to keep hidden.

Folds Flat
Folds Flat

I really love the storage cube. It looks ace. Folds away when not in use and doubles as a chair. Plus at £22.99 it’s great value.

Storage cube chair foldable
We all love our new foldable storage cube and seat

Disclosure – we were provided with our item in return for an honest review.

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