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Fun and Healthy Snacking with Googly Fruit Organic

L is obsessed with snacks. He could have literally just finished a three course meal and he would be asking for a snack. This means I need a variety of healthy and delicious snacks on hand. So when a jam packed full box of Googly Fruit Organic arrived on the doorstep I was very happy.

Googly Fruit Organic
Enjoying his fruit pouch

Googly Fruit Organic is a new brand that aim to make eating fruit and veg fun for toddlers. With fun packaging. Fun flavour combinations. Even the natural colours are fun. It works as well, as soon as we opened up the box L wanted to try one of the pouches and soon moved onto a bag of crunchy fruit.

Googly Fruit Organic
Our delivery of Googly Fruit Organic goodies

He really likes seeing all the fruit and veg with their googly eyes and has been asking a lot about the different fruit and veg he doesn’t recognise. So have even had me on my toes. The variety is unbelievable. I like that everything is 100% organic as well. It’s one less thing to have to think about.

So what about the snacks themselves? Well there are three main types of snack and I shall start with L’s least favourite.

I’m pretty certain he’s thinking I should stop taking pictures and let him eat in peace

Googly Fruit Organic corn snacks. These air-puffed bites are fluffy and crunchy, with lovely flavours and guilt free on the health stakes. L eats them but they are certainly his least favourite of the offerings. He tried Crunchy Puffs which are flavoured with carrot. Some tomato Crunchy Wheels. Then there are some Banana and Strawberry puffed hearts.

L loved the Googly Fruits Organic ‘Real Fruit Made Crunchy’ bags. Really simple, really crunchy, freeze dried fruit in a bag. Available in three tasty varieties; Apple & Blueberry, Banana & Raspberry or Strawberry. L loved them straight from the bag or on top of yogurt. These did not last long!

Googly Fruit Organic
Crunchy Puffs

Finally there are the Squeezy Pouches. Just great mixes of fruit and veg. Like the other products in the range, they contain no added flavourings, colourings or preservatives. L went straight for Apple, Blueberry and Purple Carrot. We had a small argument about the carrot. He asked what it was, I said a purple carrot, then he told me I was a silly mummy and carrots are orange. It went on for a while.

What I really like though is the sense of fun. As well as all the great snacks we got stickers, packs of googly eyes for our own fruit and a Googly Fruit Organic A-Z book. They want to make fruit and vegetables something children look forward to eating. So along come the likes of Bob Banana, Carl Carrot, Charlie Corn and Suzie Strawberry, to help gran imaginations and start conversations.

Googly Fruit Organic
Crunchy Puffs

On their Googly Fruit Organic you’ll find a host of fun activities starring the characters, such as printable colour-me-in sheets and spot the difference, alongside mission Googly Eyes, which will get you out about with your fruit and veg.

Disclosure – we received our products in exchange for an honest review

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