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Fun With Magic Tracks

You may have seen the TV adverts for Magic Tracks, it’s a fun and easy track system for race cars. It bends,is flexible, glows and is super easy and fun to use. L got sent the starter set and has been putting it through its paces.

Magic Tracks
Cat Playing With L’s New Toy

Magic Tracks is a 2016 top ten toy success story from the US and it has just launched in the UK. The track itself comes in 4 colours, is chunky and strong whilst still remaining completely flexible. The track clips together almost like puzzle pieces and just snaps apart.
L hasn’t quite mastered putting it together by himself yet, but has really grasped the taking it apart, moving it around and creates amazing tracks all by himself. I am often only needed to clip the last two bits together.

Magic Tracks
L was really excited with his new Magic Tracks Set

Magic Tracks
The Magic Tracks Starter Set is £19.99

Because the track is so flexible you don’t have to worry about track design, just make a loop and then squish it around until you get the shape you want. It can go over and under things, round and round, you can bank the corners and even make ‘hamster wheels’.

My favourite feature is that when L has finished playing I can just roll up the track in one piece and slide it back into the box.

What you get in the box (just add your own batteries)

The little car it comes with has five flashing LED lights, so it’s really bright and fun and in the box there are some extra stickers you can personalise it with, although some of those don’t fit it too well. There is a button on top of the car that turns it on and off, so no fiddling underneath trying to find a tiny off switch.

Magic Tracks
Go, go, go

You can buy accessories to add to the track, but I liked that in the box were some easy household ideas for making tunnels and bridges. So it keeps it really affordable and fun, encourages really inventive thinking and means you can get going straight away.

Magic Tracks
Our first track

Magic Tracks are available from Smyths Toy Stores nationwide and  All sets are suitable from age 3+, which os great and it really is perfect for little 3 year old’s, as L can vouch for. He has dragged it around the house, stood on it, broken the track into little pieces and generally just treated it in the rough and tumble way 3 year old children are prone to do. It is indestructible.

Magic Tracks
L just adores this

The Magic Tracks Starter Set (SRP £19.99) that we have been using is the perfect way to start using Magic Tracks. It comes with 220 pieces of glow track, which can build a track length of around 3.3m, a Light-Up Race Car and Decal Sticker Sheet. So everything you need to get going.

You can also get an accessory pack for £9.99 or extra cars at £7.99 each.

Adding an Easter Egg Tunnel and Kitchen Roll Tube Bumps

I am really impressed with Magic Tracks and L just adores it. It is just so easy to use, I can’t stress that enough. It is so easy to tidy away too and is seemingly unbreakable. I can see the appeal of the glow in the dark track and exciting track options lasting for years.

Magic Tracks
Magic Tracks Starter Set

Disclosure – we were sent our track in return for our honest opinions.

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      1. Exactly, so many ways of creating the tracks so they’re fun and keep the child busy and occupied!

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