GeoSafari SeaScope

GeoSafari SeaScope

Do you have a child who is so very interested in the natural world around them? I do and it is lovely but it comes with a huge amount of questions, which, whilst again lovely, is also very draining! Well I am always looking for ways to answer some of those questions and the GeoSafari SeaScope allows L to see what is actually happening under the water, so instead of asking, he can look.

GeoSafari SeaScope

The GeoSafari SeaScope is another amazing product from our favourite Learning Resources. It is an underwater telescope, with a light and thermometer it can be used in freshwater or, as the name suggests, saltwater. It is easy to use, easy to clean and surprisingly easy to store.

It is a great way to see what is happening in rockpools, streams and a fabulous addition to pond dipping trays.

GeoSafari SeaScope

L loves it and it fits nicely in his rucksack so often comes out on little walks and adventures with us. Some trips we come up empty but others we will see all sorts and L is fascinated with it all. From mosquito and hoverfly larvae to pond snails. From teeny, tiny little sea critters I couldn’t identify to crabs. He’s seen a lot.

His favourite find so far has been the newt in his grandparents pond, not that he needed the SeaScope to actually see it but he was safely able to really see all the patterns and details of the little smooth newt that he found, Newton, in case you were wondering his name!

GeoSafari SeaScope

Priced at £32 and suitable for ages 7+ the GeoSafari SeaScope has a 5x zoom, a bright LED torch, a built in ruler and the thermometer that I mentioned previously. All this means the kids can use it for real experiments and take really good notes and observations at the same time. It’s really impressive and above all of that it is fun, so much fun.

You can find out more about the GeoSafari SeaScope and many other amazing things at Learning Resources.

Disclosure – We were gifted our SeaScope. All thoughts, opinions and image are my own.

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