Goal Power

Goal power Flapjack Snacks

Goal Power is a new kid’s healthy flapjack snack and game that promotes children reaching their goals and enjoying a healthy active lifestyle. The idea is the children enjoy the healthy, fibre and nutrition-packed snack and then they can collect cards or set goals online to achieve.

The aim is to help kids to get outdoors, be active and take some time out from their screen time.

Goal Power
Our Goal Power snacks

L immediately loved the look of them. The fun little boxes, the football theme, the cards inside and most importantly he adored the flapjacks themselves, he wanted them to be bigger because they are so yummy!

The matchbox style box is fun and easy to pack in a lunch bag. We took a couple on our recent trip to the zoo so L could share with his equally football made friend. So easy to sling into a lunch bag and so easy to share. The packaging makes it feel like a mini gift and the game cards inside are fun and easy to play, with full instructions printed on the inside of the box. It’s worth noting you need at least two flapjacks to start with as you require 10 cards to play the game and you get 5 in each box, there are 25 cards to collect in total and we all love a little collectible.

Goal Power
We love the little boxes and playing cards

We really liked the free printables on the website too, it’s a great way of setting and achieving goals and really helps to empower little minds. Plus they are super fun to colour in! The Monday to Friday Power Plan will really help with that transition back to school after the long summer holidays so I am personally very appreciative of that.

They come in two flavours, Strawberry and Blueberry. L loved both of them. They have a no nut recipe which is very handy for school, as our school, like many others is a nut free zone. The are gluten free, high in fibre, contain no palm oil and have no added sugar. Best thing of all these all natural bars actually taste delicious. They aren’t super sweet cakey treats like from a bakery, but equally they aren’t bland and tasteless like other kid friendly flapjacks. They are just genuinely yummy, I think they could do with being bigger and I know L would like to eat a bigger portion, but for a quick school snack they are great.

Goal Power
Ready to be popped in the lunch bag

All in all we love everything about these little bars. The game, the taste and the little box. All perfect!

Disclosure – we were gifted our bars. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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