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We’re Going on a Bug Hunt with JCB Kids

The weather is improving and JCB Kids have launched a new range kids clothes with M&Co. So what’ the best way to try them out? With a bug hunt of course. 

JCB Kids
Our JCB Kids parcel

We received the best bright red T-Shirt, Ready, Set, Let’s Get Digging and the matching red Hoodie. I love the hoodie as it’s nice and thin, perfect as an extra layer this time of year when you just need something to take the chill off. We also got a pair of lovely grey trousers, trousers that have extra padding round the knee area, handy! To help us hunt bugs we got some JCB Pencils, a magnifying glass and a little fact sheet with hints and tips.

JCB Kids
Let’s go hunting

L loves his new outfit. It is bright and fun, really appealing to kids. Plus he loves to look smart, so likes when he has clothes that match. When he tried it on he insisted he wore his JCB socks as well, then went into a little bit of a huff when I couldn’t find his JCB Sunglasses. I only bought them the other day to replace the first pair we lost. Better get searching!

JCB Kids
Striking a pose

After a quick modelling session in the house so I could get some pictures and a quick prep session in the kitchen, we went straight into the garden.

JCB Kids
He loves his new outfit

The diggers and dump trucks got involved in the hunt as well. After all, what better way to move soil?

JCB Kids
A bit of pre hunt planning

A bug hunt is nothing new for us. So when I asked him to go dig for worms for me he was off like a shot. He was very happy when he found one, though he disliked the ant nest he stumbled upon.

JCB Kids
Ready, set, let’s get digging

The clothes are really hard wearing and wash well, though I wish the t-shirt and hoodie were tumble dryer safe. He has got muddy, so very muddy, in them. They have suffered through a spaghetti tea and a painting session. Yet they remain bright and looking like new. I’m always really impressed with the JCB clothes we get to try out from M&Co.

JCB Kids
A beautiful day for getting muddy

It’s really nice as well that you can find all these fun print outs, fact sheets and outdoorsy ideas on the JCB Kids website. Perfect ways to  #digtheadventure.

JCB Kids
A wiggly worm

Disclosure – we are JCB Kids Brand Ambassadors. We received our goods in exchange for this article. All opinions are my own.

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