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Good Messy Garden Fun

We have been out and about getting messy and grubby all summer so when Persil got in touch about there new ‘Persil Wild Explorers’ app it sounded perfect for us, at the same time Comfort had sent me a sample of their new super concentrated fabric softener. Everything was in line for us to have some extra messy fun and be left with super clean and super soft laundry.


Boy we got messy
Boy we got messy


Persil has partnered with The Wild Network to introduce the new ‘Persil Wild Explorers’ app. An absolutely free resource packed with over 100 exciting ideas to encourage kids and families to play, learn and get dirty outdoors – whatever the weather!

Let's get outside!
Let’s get outside!

They kindly sent us a Mud Volcano Kit as well as a bottle of Persil. So I could deal with the mess later and just relax and enjoy the fun. Check out our little video below to see L getting good and grubby. Even more so as he chose to use squishy greengages that had fallen from the tree instead of mud!

The Persil Wild Explorers app is full of easy ideas for those days when you just can’t come up with it yourself and is available to download now absolutely free on iOS and Android.


We all know and love Comfort. I’m pretty certain at one time or the other you’ve all used it. It’s one of my favourites as I know it’s super soft on L’s skin and I got into the habit of using it when he was a baby.

Comfort Pure 38 Washes
Comfort Pure 38 Washes

The Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated has everything we are used to but is smaller, lots smaller. This new product is a clever storage solution as it is half the size of the original product yet offers more washes. Yes, more washes. You literally only need 15ml for a standard wash, that’s 3 teaspoons. I’ve tested it out, a lot, and the results are the same. It’s brilliant.

It's going to take me ages to finish this bottle
It’s going to take me ages to finish this bottle

Like the original product it offers the same super softness and is recognised by the British Skin Foundation as being great for sensitive skin. To be honest there’s nothing not to love about the Super Concentrated version. It’s small and compact and takes up so much less space in my cupboard.

Disclosure – we were sent these products in return for our honest opnions


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