Has it got wheels?

Has it Got Wheels? Toys from Jazwares

L is a very lucky little boy. He doesn’t realise the extent of this. He looks forward to the postman  arriving and he will ask the same three questions.  ‘Is there a parcel today?’ ‘Is it a present for me?’ ‘Has it got wheels mummy?’ Usually I have to say I don’t know, but when I saw the box from Jazwares arrive I was safely able to answer yes to all three. 

Jazwares work with so many amazing kids brands to make brilliant toys and L was sent a box full of wheeled fun. He was a very happy little boy.

Has it got wheels?
Chuggington Chuggers

He got some more great Chuggington Trains and he was so happy to be able to add to his train set that we had been sent ready for the launch over Easter. We are big Chuggington fans in this house and the new Jazwares play sets and trains are great. Nice and chunky. Very solid. The perfect likeness has been created of each engine. Amazing. We actually took his Chuggington set away on holiday recently as it all stores so nicely in a zipped bag. It was the perfect toy to take with us and keep him entertained.

Has it got wheels?
Dinosaur Train

Keeping with the train theme Jazwares sent him a great selection of the Dino Train Mini Vehicles. Dino Train hadn’t really crossed our paths until recently. He has been playing with the Dino Train app and loved that so we found it on TV and now to have all of the characters in their little connecting train carriages to play with he is very happy. Again I have found these to be great quality. Very solid and robust which is still a necessary element in toys for L. I love the bright colours and how each character is in a different coloured carriage.

Has it got wheels?
Peppa Pig and her friends

Despite my irrational hatred of Peppa Pig the child, like most toddlers, loves her and all her friends. Whenever I think he has grown past Peppa he’ll surprise me. Just like he did with the Peppa Pig Mini Buggies. He was immediately taken with the familiar faces and fun vehicles. Peppa is in a rocket, George and Richard are in Dinosaurs, Zoe is driving a train. There is the same sense of whimsy as you’ll find in the cartoons which is why L has loved playing with them so much.

Has it got wheels?
Chuck and all his helpers

Chuck and friends is a new one for me. But they are a mix of construction vehicles, emergency services and monster trucks. Some are even Marvel Characters. I loved how L recognized Spiderman and started mixing up his play. He’s normally quite regimented. Building site vehicles will work on the building site, they would never mix with monster trucks, or trains, or super heroes! Silly Mummy! As these were clearly all from the same ‘set’, he happily merged them into elaborate games of daredevil rescues, emergency situations that required the police and all of the adventures you usually get when helping to build a new town, or so I’m informed. It has been fun to watch.

I love how affordable all of these collectable ranges are. I think they are particularly good value for money when you see how well built they are. These will stand up to the toddler test with ease. Jazwares certainly know how to make a good toy.

L loves that they have wheels, so much. I’m sure he also loves the characters and the bright colours. Mainly though he loves that they have got wheels.

Disclosure – we received a selection of vehicles in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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