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Great Gifts for Kids this Christmas

That time of year is here, so if you are looking for some ideas about what to get for the kids in your life this Christmas I’ve pulled together a few of my favourite items for you.

In the Night Garden Bedtime Stories Book
In the Night Garden Bedtime Stories Book

In The Night Garden Bedtime Stories Book £8.99

I thought L would grow out of In The Night Garden, but he still finds a certain charm in Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy, especially when it comes to bedtime. So the Bedtime Stories book is just perfect. 10 stories that are a nice length for a bedtime read.

Cat Machine Maker
Cat Machine Maker’s are easy to build, fun gifts

Cat Machine Maker™ Junior Operator £11.99

These Build-It-Yourself construction sets by Toy State come equipped with all the pieces needed to build your favourite Cat machine! The machine operator figure is included and fits into the driver’s seat. Collect them all and mix and match pieces to create your own machine! Each model includes a chunky screwdriver and carry case for storage. There are 5 models to collect and are bound to give you some peace and quiet this Christmas.

rumble to the rescue
Spiderman is just one of the heroes who will rumble to the rescue

Rumble To The Rescue™ £29.99

It’s time to rumble! With Rumble to the Rescue from Toy State. Kids can tear up the trails with their favourite Marvel hero with this trio of all-terrain vehicles “starring” Spider-Man, Captain America and Rocket Raccoon. Each features motorized drive with rumbling action, plus music and realistic sound effects. Available from SMYTHS these are so much fun. Really sturdy as well.

record n talk jett
We love Jett and the Superwings gang, you can watch them on Cartoonito

Superwings Record n Talk Jett £19.99

It’s no secret we love Superwings in this house. The Record n Talk Jett makes a great Christmas gift as it is a standalone piece and really sturdy. Simply touch Jett’s nose to record your message and listen to Jett speak it back.  All the kids will love it and be busy chatting with chat all day long.

HARIBO Giant Trees
I love these giant trees, I may be addicted

HARIBO (prices vary)

I am not that parent that pretends her kid doesn’t get sweets. He does. He loves them and for Christmas HARIBO have some amazing gifts, both little and large! I love the Starmix Tree Decoration it’s super cute and contains a 50g pack of Starmix to enjoy, I’m also a massive fan of the Giant Christmas Trees. If you’ve seen their Giant Strawberry sweets just flip them and make them tree shaped, you’ll know what I mean. If you have no idea what I’m chatting about get yourself to the shops and try some, they are awesome.

Kids Reindeer Sweatshirt
Kids Reindeer Sweatshirt

Not For Ponies Reindeer Sweatshirt £16

A Christmas Jumper is a must have Christmas Day Gift for all the family. Obviously. I love this Reindeer Sweatshirt from Not For Ponies. It’s cute, practical, great value oh and they do adult versions too, just in case you want to twin it. (You do, you do!!) They have loads of other options as well, in fact, the whole site is well worth a browse so honestly head on over and investigate.

my golden ticket
My Golden Ticket

Wonderbly My Golden Ticket £19.99

I have saved my absolute favourite until last. I’ve mentioned how much I love reading with the boy many times on my blog. I think it is so important and also reading gives me so much joy I want L to feel the same way. Wonderbly make an amazing range of personalised children’s books and that personalisation makes them so special. My Golden Ticket is based around Roald Dahl’s amazing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But they haven’t just taken the original and slapped your kid’s name in there, no it’s so much more than that.

Every name gets a different story, including their own unique candy, Oompa Loompa song and Wonkafied family tree. Literally no two stories are the same.

I’m always slightly concerned when someone improves on a classic, especially a classic I love and was brought up on. I’m sure you’ve seen these improvements miss the mark as many times as I have, but I can safely say that Wonderbly have nailed it. The original magic is still there, but added too, you are immersed in it, you can even smell the chocolate (literally if you choose to add the sweet scented postcard to your package), I couldn’t love this book more.

Disclosure – I was sent samples of the products so that I could try them. I have only included products I genuinely recommend.

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