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Halloween Fun with Spider Crush

Following the popular match three games formula but with the addition of life like spiders Spider Crush is the free to download game that is sure to delight over Halloween.

Spider Crush Screen Shot
Spiders, spiders everywhere!

To get us properly in the mood, or to distract L long enough for me to actually play the game the guys behind Spider Crush sent us a fab Halloween Hamper, with sweets, decorations, hot chocolate and even a book.

Spider Crush Halloween Hamper
Thank you for our hamper 🙂

This thoughtful hamper has made L one happy boy, so a massive thank you for that. But on to the matter at hand, the game.

Spider Crush follows a familiar formula and combines great graphics with challenging gameplay. It’s not for the faint hearted as the spiders that meander over your screen as you play are really lifelike. If you were to accidentally leave the game running and your phone on a table where you know a friend will be walking by you’re guaranteed a good result. Just saying.

Spider Crus
The house is good to go nw
Spider Crush
I love our bunting!!

Whilst the graphics are great and the gameplay smooth there a few things this game is missing. The spiders to genuinely get in the way, obscuring the game and making it even more difficult, something it doesn’t need help with.

Spider CRush Screen Shot
There are so many levels

The levels are challenging from the get go, nothing easy to guide you through the game and no mini tutorials as you go. I still don’t know what some of the boosts you win for large matches do, in fact some I don’t even know how to activate once I’ve collected them. With similar games I’ve played every time a new feature or style of gameplay is introduced you get shown a few moves to get you going.

The flip side to this is because the levels are hard it really sucks you in, desperate to beat it!

Spider CRush
Daily Free Spin to get the usually [aid for content
This free game is truly addictive and whilst you can make in game purchases I haven’t yet, troubleshooting issue as and when they crop up. If you are in the market for a game you can pick up and put down with ease, killing a few moments as you go, then this is game for you.

Spider Crush is available on the Google Play Store and is free to download. The app contains in app purchases.

Disclosure – I was sent a Halloween Hamper to thank me for reviewing the Spider Crush ap. All opinions are my own.

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