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Hangsun Water Flosser – Review

As weird as it might sound I have wanted to try a Water Flosser for ages. I know, I have all the best goals in life. But honestly, I really have wanted to try one for ages. Trouble is I just didn’t know what made a good one, how much I should be spending, or anything at all about them actually. So getting to review the has been brilliant. Hangsun Water Flosser

I’m going to start by explaining why I have been so excited about trying a water flosser. It’s quite simple really. I’m rubbish with my oral health, sure I brush, mostly for the right amount of time but sometimes not. I rarely ever floss though and my dentist hates me for it. I hate standard floss, I find it awkward and uncomfortable. Those little stick things are fine, accept they don’t fit through the gap between my front teeth and I struggle to get the right angle for my very back teeth. So in comes my wish to try a Water Flosser, no string, whoop, and water will fit everywhere. Plus, I know I need to look after my teeth and set L a good example and my dentist is properly scary!

The Hangsun Water Flosser HOC510 works by creating a super fine jet of water to blast all the debris out from between your teeth. It actually creates 1,600 pulses per minute on the maximum setting, which is loads and it took me by surprise on my first use and resulting in me being soaked and a good portion of the bathroom. The child thought it was hilarious, I’ll go into that in a minute. Hangsun Water Flosser

Between the water pressure and the pulsations it actually cleans better than flossing, getting below the gum line where it can’t reach.

It has three modes, normal which is the most powerful, soft which is a bit more gentle and one I’d maybe suggest starting with to get used to things and a pulse mode to massage the gums and rinse.

It’s rechargeable and comes with a simple, easy to clean non contact charging stand. Oh, it also comes with a spare nozzle so two of you can use the flosser and the stand has a little stand for the spare nozzle. It also has a waterproof travel case so you can take it away with you which is nice.

Setting it up and using it is ridiculously easy. It has a removable water tank that is dishwasher safe, another fab feature. You literally fill up the water tank and clip it in. Once the tank is in it has a little cap at the bottom you can choose to refill the tank from as well. WHen the tank is full you press the button for your desired mode and boom you’re flossing. Hangsun Water Flosser

The fact it was so easy and the pictures I’d seen of smiley people flossing their teeth in the mirror gave me a false sense of security. There I was smiling into the mirror, lining up the flosser tip to my teeth, then I pressed Normal and it sprayed everywhere. I mean everywhere! It’s so powerful. So lesson learnt, you floss with your mouth closed and do it by feel.

My teeth have never felt cleaner and my gums love me. I’m seeing my super strict dentist next month so will see if he loves the results.

Before I forget y9ou can fill the water tank with cold water, warm water, even mouthwash. I like lukewarm water, sensitive to cold, and a dash of mouthwash for freshness. One tank will give you around 40 seconds of use. Personally I find I have to refill to floss my whole mouth, but it’s so easy that’s not a hardship.

The only thing I don’t love about this flossed is though it sits really comfortably in your hand, despite the size, the buttons also sit just by your fingers and are too easily pressed.

At £29.99 I think this offers great value for money and my readers can use discount code I4Q9YUJI at checkout to save an additional 20% making it only £23.99. Here’s the so you can use the voucher.

If you, like me, are a first time water flosser I would thoroughly recommend this one. It’s simple, works really well and it’s not expensive. Hangsun Water Flosser

Disclosure – I was gifted my flosser in exchange for an honest review.

3 thoughts on “Hangsun Water Flosser – Review”

  1. I am charging my Hangsun flosser right now for my first time use later this evening. One thing puzzles me and I wondered if it was a typing error. It says after a full charge you have 15 minutes of use? Is that correct?
    I have used an electric toothbrush for years and normally only charge it about once a fortnight (leaving me to brush my teeth twice daily).
    Thanks for your information provided on here and hope you or someone can get back to me regarding how long I can use it on a full charge.

    1. Hey, I wrote this review a long time ago, you’d be better off checking direct with the manufacturer. That being said I have only had to charge it a handful of times since I forst got it so the battery lasts for ages.

  2. Thanks for sharing this useful information with us, Water flosser is very powerful to remove bacteria from teeth. since it is very expensive and not every one could but this but mostly can. we will surely share this to every one who would like to try out flosser for their teeth to be more protective from bacteria. Thanks again and keep on sharing.

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