Happy Oat Milk Chocolate Range

Happi Oat Milk Chocolate

I don’t ever have to be asked twice to try out a chocolate and I do enjoy oat milk, so I was very excited to try out the range of chocolates from Happi.

Lower in sugar than other chocolate brands, dairy free and vegan friendly, Happi ticks all the boxes for treat time. There is a wide choice of flavours too and it ticks the boxes for recyclable packing too, using a card sleeve and a home compostable plastic inner. I do much prefer to choose a product that is more environmentally friendly.

Happi White Choc & Raspberry
Happi White Choc & Raspberry

100% natural and made with gluten-free oat milk and rice syrup, Happi promises a rich and creamy taste with no hidden nasties. Using 47% single origin chocolate sourced directly and ethically from farmers and growers with a full ‘farm to bar’ supply chain, Happi has created 5 irresistible bars to appeal to families everywhere.

Choose from: Plain Happi, Cacao Nib Crunch, Salted Caramel, Orange, White Chocolate and Raspberry and White Chocolate – a bar for every taste!

They all have a lovely flavour and the chocolate flavour itself is more on the darker side than milk which I enjoy. I particularly liked the Cacao Nib Crunch, it is delicious and that crunch is just amazing. The orange is amazing too, really tasty. To be fair I’ve enjoyed them all.

The only one that I could really tell there was anything different about was the White Chocolate, that could do with being a bit creamier and a but more vanillary. I enjoyed it but it could be improved, which I feel they did with the Raspberry version, those dried raspberries just gave it the little kick it needed and was sublime.

Happy Oat Milk Chocolate Range
Happy Oat Milk Chocolate Range

Also in the range is Happi Oat Milk Chocolate buttons, perfect for a quick snack on the go for little ones or larger ones, shush, they’ve went in my rucksack for a family day out and have remained there ever since with me sneaking a quick one in secret every now and then.

With fully sustainable packaging, Happi also gives 1% of its annual net sales revenue to youth projects and mental health organisations. I mean, they literally just get better and better.

All naturally-flavoured, Happi puts great taste above all else and is also 35% less sugar than other mass market brands. Happi is available in 40g and 80g bars and 100g bags of buttons, RRP £1.75 – £3.50 from Selfridges, Ocado, Amazon and local independent retailers nationwide. In fact I saw last night that they are stocking it in one of local Zero Waste stores which made me really happy. For more info visit www.happifreefrom.com

Disclosure – we were gifted our Happi Chocolate, all thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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