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Healthier Snacks Post Christmas

Well that’s it, we are solidly into 2020 and all the excesses of Christmas and New Year have me feeling like I might actually now be more cheese than human, with chocolate flowing through my veins and a good dose of mince pie in there somewhere too.

I’m not going on some massive health kick now it’s January, I just genuinely find myself craving something a little lighter, a bit more savoury and generally healthier when I find myself reaching for the snacks.

Here are a few healthier snacks I’ve been enjoying now that the selection boxes are finished.

Healthier snacks munchy seeds

Munchy Seeds

I’ve been a fan of Munchy Seeds for ages now. I have always enjoyed seeds as a snack and when I found the handily sized snack packs from Munchy Seeds I was hooked, now with five new flavours I’m even happier.

The ideal brain-boosting snack, these delicious and nutritious seeds are packed full of vitamins, nutrients and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and with two savoury and three sweet flavours: Mega Omega, Sweet Chilli, Salted Caramel, Honey Roasted and Warm Cinnamon there is something for everyone.

There are three formats to choose from: my favourite 25g snack packs (RRP 79p), 125g sharing packs (RRP £2.99) and 450g mega packs (RRP £8.75). 

Available from Ocado and The Co-op, four of the flavours (not Honey Roasted) are also suitable for vegans and they are all suitable for vegetarians. 

Healthier snacks fairfields farm

Fairfields Farm Crisps

Not necessarily healthier but I always love to have something savoury in the house and it’s all I want after the sweetness of everything festive. Fairfields Farm Crisps have some amazing flavours and they are so tasty.

Over the festive period the child and husband were enjoying the limited edition Kelly Bronze Turkey with Sage and Onion flavour but now it’s all about the simple yet delicious Lightly Salted for me.

All cooked on the farm not that far from us in nearby Essex, using their own special crisping potatoes. The Handcooked crisps can be cooked on the very day the potatoes are harvested. These are a real treat and so tasty.

Healthier snacks real good ketchup

Real Good Ketchup

Don’t judge me but I really like to snack on carrots dipped in ketchup. I also like celery dipped in peanut butter so there we have it, odd veg and dip combos are my thing. So to make this one of my healthier snacks I’m switching up my ketchup.

Real Good Ketchup is made with 100% natural ingredients, naturally occurring sugars and with over 75% less sugar and 78% less salt than the market leader. This clean and healthy alternative made from delicious Mediterranean tomatoes has no hidden nasties to put your mind at rest at mealtimes, plus it’s allergen-free and vegan-friendly. It’s the ideal choice for those following special diets and eating plans, including diabetes type 2 and nut allergies. 

Available in an easy-to-serve 100% BPA free recyclable squeezy bottle, just one 15g serving delivers 13mg of Lycopene and is a source of Vitamin C. Made using only natural sugar alternatives, including xylitol from sustainable birch and beech wood in Scandinavia, the ketchup is also teeth-friendly too!

The Squeezy, RRP £2.20 for 315g, is available from The Co-op Free from aisle, Morrisons Health & Wellness fixture, Wholefoods Market and Ocado. For more info on Real Good Ketchup, please visit

protein ball co

Protein Ball Co

We got sent a Protein Ball Advent Calendar to try out this year and we are hooked. Delicious and guilt free the delicious little treats from Protein Ball Co are now a no brainer when it comes to healthy snacking.

A must for fitness enthusiasts and clean eating fans who are looking for a healthy alternative to traditional snacks.

They are 100% natural with no added sugar and bite-size so perfect for snacking, with tempting flavours like Goji + Coconut, Lemon + Pistachio, Raspberry Brownie, Apple + Blueberry and Peanut Butter there’s plenty of choice.

Boasting clean proteins such a pea and brown rice, the balls are vegan and veggie friendly, gluten and wheat free. They also contain no soy, GMOs or added sugars.

Disclosure – I have been sent samples of these snacks but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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