Heated Slippers from Primrose

Heated Slippers from Primrose

The air has definitely changed our way recently. Proper chilly. So I was delighted to be sent a pair of heated slippers from Primrose to review.

I find that if my feet are cold then it takes ages for the rest of me to warm up and I feel properly chilled. I hate that feeling.

My heated slippers
My heated slippers

In fact as I sit here editing this I find myself on the sofa with a hot chocolate, in my snuggest jammies with my heated slippers on. I’m in heaven. Far more comfortable when I started writing this, freezing cold in the car and wishing I had my slippers. 

Heated slippers
Battery operated heated slippers from Primrose

The slippers are a one size fits all job (they fit sizes UK 5 – 11) and need two 9v batteries, one for each foot.  The batteries slip into little side compartments ont nhe outside of the slipper and each one is operated with a simpe on off switch. 

Heated slippers
On/Off switch

They’ve also got a little zipped compartment where you can slip in disposable heat pads if you don’t fancy using batteries, or want even more warmth.

Heated slippers
Zipped pockets

I find they provide a gentle heat. You don’t turn them on and think, ooo my feet are getting warm. In fact you don’t really notice it much, they are just snug. If however, you have forgotton, to turn one on, you do notice the difference as one foot is toasty warm and the other less so

You don’t need to have the heating element on when you wear them, just when you need a little top up. They are perfectly snug and comfy slippers in their own right.

Heated slippers
The battery hides away and you can pop the switch in too

I do find that they are best for an evening when I know I’ll just have my feet up. If I’m going to be pottering about or playing on the floor they are little uncomfortable. I like to sit cross legged, so then the batteries jab into my ankles. But that, along with the fact they use batteries and I don’t have any 9v rechargeables at home are my only niggles.

The battery life is good, if you were to have the heat on continuously it would last around 4 hours. This does largely depend on the quailty battery you use though. 

Heated slippers
Battery pockets

You do need to double check you’ve turned them off properly though, as it’s really annoying to pop them on and fine you hadn’t switched them off and all the power is gone. I blame one glass of wine too many for my foolishness.

All in all I really like my slippers and I’m gad I’ll have them over the winter. I do hate having cold feet and these offer a nice speedy solution for only £16.99.

Heated slippers
Just relaxing

Disclosure – I was sent my slippers in return for an honest review.

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  1. My girlfriend would love to have one pair of this. 🙂 This Heated Slippers looks beautiful. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

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