Hero Foods from Organico

An embarrassingly long time ago now I was sent a wonderful food hamper from Organico, containing a good selection of their organic foods.

We got pasta, olives, breadsticks, sauces, a risotto mix and more. All of it organic and all of it delicious.

Just some of the delicious things we got to sample

It came at a time where I couldn’t have needed it more. Struggling more and more I was finding basic tasks hard to complete and so having a box full of quick, easy and tasty meals was of more help than they’ll ever really know.

Before I tell you all about the food we received and a little bit about Organico as a company I just want to say thank you to them. What was originally arranged as a nice little collaboration ended up being a real life line for me at a time when I needed it most. No one knows what is round the corner and when you aren’t feeling great it turns out having a few meals sorted for you is a truly wonderful thing.

Organico is a great company that love to buy and sell good, organic food. For them good food is food that’s well made and tasty but also that’s good for the planet and fair to the people they work with and who work for them.

Quick & simple pasta which the child devoured

They are committed to sourcing foods that are planet-positive, that help support and enhance biodiversity and eco-systems, that protect soils and the water supply, that are resilient, not wasteful, not polluting or damaging and where the resources used are endlessly renewable.

It’s a place you can feel good about buying from and you’ll feel good eating it too because the flavours are amazing. 

You can find out more about their mission in pioneering organic and sustainable food on their website you can buy a few bits too! 

Now as for what we received, it was a great little hamper. We got a really tasty whole wheat pasta and some yummy little pasta shells, a jar of mixed olives that were just divine and a jar or red pesto that when mixed with the pasta shells the child devoured! 

There was an amazing jar of garlic spread which made a great dip, or easy flavour addition to pretty much any meal. We also got some bread sticks and delicious rosemary flatbread that as well as being a lovely side to the pasta dishes were mainly enjoyed with a bit of cheese just like crackers. 

The delicious risotto, so good!

My favourite item was the little bag of mushroom risotto, just add water and heat. Everything you needed was premixed in the bag, all the flavours, rice and mushrooms. It was real comfort food, soul food, healing food. The type of thing you crave when your unwell because it’s basically a hug in a bowl. 

I was so impressed with everything that I’ve been back and ordered more things for me and I’m also putting together a little hamper of goodies for my dad as a Christmas gift. The foods are well priced, ethically sound and absolutely delicious, so packed with flavour in a way only organic foods can be. I’m so glad Organico found me because it meant I got to discover them.

Disclosure – I was gifted my box of goodies. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own. 

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