Betty the Octopus and Hey Duggee soft toys

Hey Duggee Toys from Jazwares

I have a confession to make. I enjoy Hey Duggee more than L. Sorry, I’ve said it. It’s true. Whilst he enjoys the show I often have to force him to watch it. I like Hey Duggee on Facebook, not for the parenting or crafting tips, but for the GIFs and show updates.

Large Hey Duggee soft toy in box
Talking Hey Duggee toy

When Jazwares asked if we would like to review some of the toys they have been making I was right onboard. When the toys arrived and L loved them I was very disappointed. I really thought I might have first dibs on these.

We got a little cuddly Duggee Toy and also Betty the Octopus, who just happens to be my favourite of the squirrels.

Betty the Octopus and Hey Duggee soft toys
Betty and Duggee small soft toys

These are super cute and exactly like the characters on TV. They have taken up residence on L’s bed. I am slightly hopeful that I may be able to steal them in a few months time. If I’m sneaky enough and never let him see them in my possession.

The one thing I am definitely not getting my hands on is the larger Hey Duggee toy. He gives real Duggee hugs, give him a cuddle and squeeze his middle and he sighs contentedly just like at the end of each episode.

Childs bed with stuffed toys including Hey Duggee
He has actually taken all the toys for himself

Not only that but when you squeeze his paw he has a variety of woofs. These are actually quite hilarious. Aaaaa………….woof! It made me laugh out loud so L loves it even more and keeps on doing it. We both laugh together.

These toys are fab for any Hey Duggee fan of any age. Trust me. Any age!

Large Hey Duggee Toy
I love the talking Hey Duggee toy

Disclosure – we received our toys in exchange for an honest review.

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