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This time two years ago we had just started building our extension, by September it was complete. We added a third bedroom/office/craft room, doubled the size of our living room and added a huge storage cupboard aka the cupboard of dreams.

MuralsWallpaper Feature Wall
Our beautiful feature wall

Considering that by the following March we would be locked down, L would be learning from home and husb working from home I am so happy we did it. It has made a massive difference to our quality of life. That being said when it was finished I said there would be no more home improvements for at least a year! I needed to recuperate from the upheaval.

Did we stick to that? No, no we didn’t. All of us being home and on top of each other made us realise how badly we needed to change some of the things that we had just been muddling along with. So we started planning extension number 2.

Extension number 2 will give us a bit more space on the master bedroom and most importantly an en-suite bathroom, well technically shower room as we won’t be putting a bath in. The plans have been done, builder sourced, we’re just waiting on all those other fiddly bits that happen behind the scenes to work themselves out.

home improvements
Our beautiful bathroom

Whilst we were sorting the plans for the building work we completely gutted our current bathroom and had a whole new suite put in. That happened around October time last year and we went from having a bath we couldn’t use, no storage and a generally grubby and damp bathroom to having a stylish, fresh and beautiful bathroom that I love. Hooray for Jax Plumbing & Heating getting us sorted out, huge props to them for getting us fitted in and making our bathroom useable during a pandemic!

Whilst we were getting the bathroom fitted we chatted with the guys about our atrocious water pressure. They were able to fix the bathrooms cold pressure whilst they were sorting the bathroom but the hot water was a whole other thing. So gluttons for punishment that we are this week they’ve been back. They’ve pulled the old, and as it turns out leaking, water tank out of the loft and fitted us with a shiny new pressurised water tanked that will give an actual flow of hot water and not just a pathetic dribble.

We’ve had to enlarge the loft hatch a bit, how a new tank has been squeezed up there is beyond me, our loft is tight, cramped and at the moment so very hot! It’s been, noisy and messy but so worth it. It’s also given me another cupboard where the immersion tank once was. I haven’t named this cupboard yet, but my storage obsession means it will likely happen soon.

home improvements
Tiles for the kitchen have been chosen

You would have thought that all that would have been enough for us, but no! We’ve finally, after having wanted it and saving for it for the last ten years, ordered a new kitchen. That will be getting fitted in a couple of weeks time.

We ordered the kitchen from Wren, but after much mucking about from them, had to source our own fitter. I can’t wait to get it in and sorted. It seems to have been a very stressful and problematic process, in a way none of the other works we’ve had done have been. It’s a shame as it’s the room I’m most excited about if I’m honest, the kitchen has always looked really run down and thanks to some very poor design been horrible to use. Not for much longer though, it will be spacious, a beautiful shade of green with copper highlights and make so much better use of the space.

It’s been a lot recently, with so much going on and so much work happening to the house, it’s looking good though and when extension number 2 is done, then I swear, no more building work for at least 5 years. None. I’m done!

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