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Having had the pleasure of using Neusu products before I’m very pleased to announce I have now become a Brand Ambassador for them.

So expect plenty of posts throughout the year highlighting their amazing home storage solutions and finding out how I have been using them.

We took our first delivery several weeks ago and I’ll admit it has taken some thinking to come up with ways to use everything I received. What I love about the products is how multi functional, strong and easy to use they are. 

Neusu Brand Ambassador
Neusu Brand Ambassador

We were sent a 5 Shelf Hanging Wardrobe Organiser, an Underbed Shoe Organiser that holds 20 pairs of shoes, a 200L Bedding Storage Bag, a 100L Bedding Storage Cube and a Mix Pack of their amazing 110 Micron Vacuum Storage Bags. Now that’s a lot of storage products.

I’ll admit I didn’t know how I was going to use them all.

I was most excited about the Hanging Wardrobe storage. I don’t have much clothing storage space, my husband has stolen it all. Supposedly I get half the wardrobe, this is a joke, my stuff gets squished and squashed into about a quarter of the space. This irritates me, a lot. He has more draw space, more cupboard space, more hanging space and uses more of the coat hooks than I do. Keep out of my wardrobe area!

Neusu Hanging Storage
Neusu Hanging Storage – look at the space I’ve regained

Well the Hanging Storage has solved that. I’ve hung it close to the centre of the rail, giving me 5 good sized shelves for all the thing I can fold and protecting the few things at the end of the rail that need to be hung. There are also 4 very large, very handy netted storage pockets on the sides of the shelves. These have been perfect for belts, hot water bottles, slippers and other niggly bits and bobs you need to be able to get too easily but cannot easily store. The wardrobe unit took all of about 7 seconds to unpack, velcro into place and allow to unfold. It is strong, has plenty of room and has given some space I can really maximise and use to store my clothes nicely and neatly.

Neusu 100l storage cube
Neusu 100l storage cube – my car boot before

As for the 100L Bedding Cube. Well,  I don’t actually have any bedding to store, having popped all that away with the last few Neusu products I received.  But it has fitted nicely into the boot of my car. Tidying everything away. My car boot wasn’t even that disorganised. Everything in it does tend to move about though. Meaning I often have to move things before I can put bags in. This is no good when trying to wrangle a toddler into the car whilst carrying more shopping bags than should be physically possible.

I’ve been able to pop everything into my large storage bag. My pump thing for the tyres, my jump cables, the set of emergency sweatshirts, blankets, the mound of bags for life I’ve amassed and all those other bits and bobs that have made their way into my car collection.  It’s strong handles mean I can pick the whole thing up and remove everything with ease. The sturdy canvas isn’t going to get damaged by the contents of the bag or anything I sling next to it. I’ve also got loads of spare room in case I need to pop other bits and bobs in there. You know, like bottles of wine that you don’t want to risk rolling around and breaking.

Neusu 100l storage cube
Neusu 100l storage cube – my car boot after, don’t worry I didn’t store the cat

The other bits I’ve found it harder to find uses for. I love the under bed shoe storage, it holds so many pairs of shoes. 20 to be precise. It is really well designed.  With it’s see through top section, handles on all sides, large divided areas (I can store one pair of folder Ugg style boots in one shoe pocket) and the use of the super strong canvas material. The only trouble is I have no space left under my bed. L’s bed has a support post in the middle meaning I can’t use that either and the bottom of my wardrobe is full.

Having opened it all up and having had a good play with it to see how many shoes I could fit and how sturdy it was I’m so impressed I’m going to have to have a proper look at what is under my bed and see if I can use fit it under there. It would mean I could free up a lot of space currently used by shoes. I’ll find a way. It’s just going to take some thought.

Neusu Logo
Neusu Logo

I’ll be honest I’ve not even opened the mixed pack of vacuum bags. I’ve popped them to one side ready for when I inevitably need one. As I go through each room, tidying and organising I keep finding bits to be stored. So I know they’ll come in handy.  Especially as I used the last of my existing Neusu Vacuum storage bags just last weekend. We packed away all of husb’s motorcycle gear into. Yes they are strong enough you can use them to vacuum pack a full set of leathers.

In a variety of sizes there is a bag out there for you. The zip lock system is really strong. They are twice as strong as most other vacuum bags out there and they look pretty too. These are the only vacuum bags we have ever used that haven’t gone brittle over time. They also haven’t need to have the air sucked out again after a few months.

The 200L bag will at some point go up into our loft. It will be used to store all my husbands old college folders, books and printouts in. There are a lot after he finished his degree and I know this bag will have the strength to tackle them. I am also safe in the knowledge it will be large enough.  Also due to the handles being sewn all the way underneath the bag it offers great support so will be easy to move about. It’s just too bleeding hot in the loft at the moment.

We love our Neusu products and I highly recommend them, otherwise I would not be an Ambassador for them. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next and to try out some more items. Our house is small but we own a lot of stuff so storage is important to us. Like I know it is to a lot of you.

Disclosure – I received my products free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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