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Hoopsy is a new brand of eco pregnancy test, they make midstream eco pregnancy tests made of 99% paper – so they’re much kinder to the planet than the average test. 

Now I am not in need of pregnancy tests, nor will I be in the future but I do remember taking them. Lots of them! Even when I was actively trying to get pregnant I remember feeling how wasteful the tests were, caked in plastic and not remotely recyclable, I actually moved to the little dip strips but it’s fair to say they are not quite as nice to use. Having looked at the tests Hoopsy have sent me these are actually an excellent alternative.

They are very similar to the little dip strips I used to use, but bigger and sturdier and easier to hold. Plus rather than having to pee into a pot you can use them mid stream which is just so much less faff! Being made mainly of paper they are easy to write on too, which would have been so handy to just keep track of dates and times.

As you would expect from any test they are 99% accurate, doctor recommended and have full European Conformity. You can use them from 5 days before your period and the results are clear and easy to read.

For me the biggest plus about Hoopsy is that are made from 99% paper and helping to stop plastic waste. Did you know that it takes 20 to 30 years for a standard plastic pregnancy test to break down in landfill, even then the plastic doesn’t just magically disappear, it’s just going to end up as microplastics floating around forever more. Plastic doesn’t actually decompose, it just gets smaller. It is estimated that over 400 tonnes of plastic waste from pregnancy tests ends up in landfill each year, that’s about 8 adult whales or 4,500 kangaroos.

It’s because of stats like these and people asking the simple question of how can we do it better that brands like Hoopsy come about. There are better ways and simple swaps, like using a paper based pregnancy test instead of a plastic one will start to make a difference. One by one, little by little it is possible to be better.

Hoopsy costs £14.99 for a three pack head to to find out more.

Disclosure – Hoopsy got in touch to ask if I would write about them and sent me a very lovely puzzle and super body cream to say thank you. They also sent me some tests so I could see for myself how it all works. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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