Towel shop bedding

Hotel Quality Bedding from The Towel Shop

We have recently finished extending our house and building the perfect space, we are now in the midst of finishing each room and making sure it is all lovely. The Towel Shop have been a great help.

Part of that has also been refreshing existing rooms. We have put some effort into making our conservatory a space to relax, rather than just be a dumping ground for the things we had no room for and we have given our master bedroom a refresh.

Towel shop bedding

When we first moved into our house we had a blank palette and decorated each room before moving the furniture in. A blessing, let me tell you! A lot of thought was put into each area and thankfully when it comes to our master bedroom I still love the wall colour and furniture as much as the day I chose it.

The blue grey walls and silvery blue wallpaper are still calming and relaxing. The solid oak furniture with it’s white paint finish are still some of my favourite items in the house. The vases and small floral finishing touches I added still work perfectly too.

Don’t get me wrong, over the years some things have changed. I got heavier, blackout curtains to replace the charming but essentially pointless floral ditsy curtains I had first picked. They were so light we rose with the sun whether we wanted to or not.

We also had to replace our bedframe as we needed more storage and slats that were closer together after we got a very good quality and heavy mattress. So an ottoman made sense, loads of extra storage and a good set up for protecting the new mattress.

Towel shop bedding

When we finished the extension we needed new flooring and carpets in all the new spaces so also decided to get some in our bedroom. What we had was old, it was there when we moved in 8 years ago and for who knows how long before. So a fresh, fluffy and squishy grey carpet was laid. It’s a treat burrowing your toes into it in the morning.

With all of this newness the room was almost perfect, bar one, very simple thing.

Our bedding.

When we first moved in we got very good quality bedding, but it was white. So despite it’s prettiness it did not survive the incoming of a child into our household. After that it got replaced with what we could afford and even less acre went into the fitted sheets and bottom pillow cases that no one could even see! The new mattress only made matters worse, it was so deep nothing fitted and it made replacing the sheets more of a headache.

So we headed to The Towel Shop, who have a range of hotel quality bed linens in a range of sizes (even depths!) and colours. This has meant we were easily able to update our much unloved sheets with some crisp, baby blue, perfectly fitted linens.

We went for two pillow cases and a fitted bed sheet as well as a deep fitted mattress protector, because, you know, life.

Towel shop bedding

The quality is superb, especially for the price, unbelievable really. And when they said the sheets were deep fitted they meant it. Making the bed is so much easier now as I’m not having to battle with sheets, stretching them to fit. I’m so happy, I wish I had known about The Towel Shop ages ago.

We’ve now since updated our duvet cover too, because the new bottom sheets made the current set look old and tired.

I was really impressed with the choice and would certainly use them again.

Disclosure – we were gifted our products in exchange for a review. All thoughts, opinion and images are my own.

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  1. I am glad you are satisfied with your new sheets, many people suffer from getting the sheets on the bed and keeping them on, it seems to be a real struggle I am glad you’ve passed it.

    What material are your sheets made from, microfiber I guess, correct?

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