does my cat love me

How do I know my cat really loves me?

National Love your Pet Day has come round again – it’s today for those of you who didn’t know! – and there’s one question on the tip of everyone’s tongue… what on earth can I get my cat and how do I know if they even care? 

They can be the surliest of lovers, cats. They don’t seem to like being picked up, nor do they come when you call. They don’t seem to show affection, not like dogs do anyway and yet the bond between cats and humans has been going for centuries.

cat with paw in the air
Hi, nice to meet you!

Vet’s Kitchen nutritionist Fiona Firth says, “Unlike our boisterous canine companions, cats show affection more subtly. That doesn’t mean they don’t need love and affection and to many, they have been a life-line companion during the Covid-19 pandemic. Show your cat you love them by treating them to lots of strokes this Love your Pet Day. Cats spend up to five hours grooming and cleaning themselves – they could do with a hand!”

Vet’s Kitchen Little Hearts

Perhaps cats bring “playing it cool” to a whole new level, but 26% of UK adults love them just the same. In fact, there are 10.9 million pet cats in the UK right now. Last year’s PDSA Paw Report even suggested that some people “chose to get a cat as a companion during the isolation of lockdown.” Of those surveyed, people who’d had their cat less than a year were more likely to say they’d got their pet for companionship for themselves (25% pre-lockdown, 36% post-lockdown), or because they make them happy (36% pre-lockdown, 48% post-lockdown). And a whopping 45% said that their cat had been a lifeline during the

So, how do you know if your cat actually loves you? Well, the Swindon-based expert pet food brand, Vet’s Kitchen, have compiled a list of Vet Know-how insights to help:

boy and cat hugging
These two love each other for sure
  1. Grooming – if your cat licks or grooms you, then she probably sees you as a member of the family!
  2. Biting – kittens bite one another when they play, and this can be a sign of affection. Try not to show anger if their sharp little teeth start to hurt as this can confuse them. Best to distract them with a toy instead.
  3. Eye Contact – just like humans, long eye contact can be a sign that your cat feels comfortable around you. So, if they’re staring into your eyes over a candlelit dinner, you must be doing something right.
  4. Headbutts – cats have scent glands in their cheeks and head, so when they headbutt you, or rub their cheeks on you, they’re marking you as one of theirs!
  5. Generous ‘gifts’ – most cat owners have received an unwelcome present or two from their feline friend… if your cat is allowed outside, this can take the form of a dead bird or two, so watch out!
  6. Sleeping on you – if you cat feels comfortable enough to sleep on you, then it’s a sure sign that they trust you. After all, who would fall asleep on a total stranger?
  7. Meowing – adult cats rarely communicate with one another vocally, so if your cat is meowing at you, then it’s their version of having a friendly chat!
cat licking his lips
This is definitely a cat ready for treats

Fiona Firth, a pet nutritionist from Vet’s Kitchen, advises, “If you’re looking to treat your cat this Love Your Pet Day, why not buy them their favourite healthy snack? Vet’s Kitchen Little Hearts are hypoallergenic and free from any artificial colours or flavours. And, thanks to more than 50% real meat, our treats are simply irresistible to cats!”

Not to mention, the treats were recommended by well-known cat-loving comedian, Ricky Gervais, who stated, “Cat’s absolutely love them! Greedy little f……!

cat sat on notepad
Always helping out at home he deserves a delicious treat from Vet’s Kitchen

Disclosure – whilst I have received no compensation for this article, my cat James, has received a bundle of treats from Vet’s Kitchen to say thank you.

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  1. Great tips in this article. I’m sure James loved those treats 🙂 (beautiful cat btw)

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