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How I kept January Stress Free

Hello February, goodbye January!! Anyone else as pleased as I am to see the back of January. Despite it being my birthday month and it being full of New Year promise, I never really enjoy January. Funny how I practically wish the month away.  I just find it a stressful time, but here’s how I kept this January stress free. 

I have started being a bit firmer with people about what I can and cannot do. Not only when it comes to work but in my personal life too. If it’s going to cause me stress and anxiety I’ve been saying no, or at the very least, making sure things are more on my own terms. I just can’t do it all, not anymore.

Vie Stress Relief
Vie Stress Relief

Just before Christmas I was sent some Vie Stress Relief Patches, they are formulated with essential herbs to help promote relaxation and calm, providing support in times of challenge. As all of January tends to be a challenge for me I saved them! Active ingredients include the well-documented favourites valerian, hops and passion flower, and these are delivered direct into the bloodstream via your skin. Simply apply the Vie Stress Relief Patch to a clean, dry and hairless area of your skin when feeling stressed. Patches are discreet and can be left on for up to 24 hours; for easy removal, wet patch and peel off. I have found them really helpful and so easy to use, they cost £8.95 for six patches and can be purchased online from vie-healthcare.com

Walking, boy have I been walking a lot. It’s been great to make sure I get some fresh air every single day and get moving. I have been feeling a million times better for it. I’ve also been making a conscious effort to mediate every day, which I have always found beneficial and after a break of several years got back into Yoga. All these combined have made my January fly by in a lovely, calm and stress free way. Check out the apps I have been using to monitor my progress.

Oat Soak
Oat Soak

One of my birthday presents was a lock for the bathroom door. Now I can have a bath uninterrupted, bliss! I have been using Oat Soak it’s an excellent product for helping you soothe itchy skin before bed. Used regularly it will help soothe irritated, itchy skin and restore moisture and smoothness. Leave Oat Soak in the bath water for up to 10 minutes before getting in, then soak in the oat water until skin feels soothed and smooth. Oat Soak bath sachets are made from pure colloidal oats, which are a finer form of oats that can remain suspended in the water, making Oat Soak pleasant to soak in and easy to wash away with your bath water much like any other bath product, it just needs a quick rinse afterwards.  Oat Soak costs £1.95 per treatment or £9.95 for x 10 Available from skinshop.co.uk or call: 01794 527433

Disclosure – I was sent samples in return for my honest thoughts

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