Festive Birthdays

How to Deal with Festive Birthdays

My darling and gorgeous little niece was born just before Christmas and as I have a birthday not long after Christmas I am aware of the many downfalls of festive birthdays.

The ‘joint’ presents which when you are young and to be fair even as an adult often just feels like you’re a burden so you miss out in comparison to your summer born family and friends.

L's first birthday
L’s first birthday

The distinct lack of distinction between gifts, which is hard when from Late October through to at least mid-January you can only find Christmas gifts in stores.

Gifts wrapped in Christmas paper and somewhat festive cards are a given too. But how do you overcome it. Well it’s simple really, at least it seems that way to me but maybe I’ve overthought all these years.

Festive Birthdays
L’s first Christmas

You buy the gifts early, pretending they have a Summer birthday. You wrap them in beautiful paper and use lovely gift bags and then you sit on them until it’s birthday time. Oh and you definitely, 100% get birthday presents and Christmas gifts.

Buying in advance spreads the cost to you the gift giver and gives you the variety needed to distinguish between the two gift types.

So far I have ferreted away some gorgeous baby grows in lovely Spring colours, not a penguin, snowman or reindeer in sight, Strangely enough as I’m buying for her 1st birthday I’ve got a good clue on the sizes required too 🙂 and I know to go long sleeve and leg as it will be winter when they are given.

Baby Bunny Towel Imperium11
Baby Bunny Towel Imperium11

I’ve found the cutest little Llama cuddly toy all ready to go, I’ve got a few books as well. You see this time of year the choice is plentiful and it’s easy to avoid the frosty, festive fun, the glittery snow and chirpy robins. Don’t get me wrong I love those things and she will be festooned with them for her Christmas gifts, but I’m talking birthday gifts here!

One of the cutest little things I happened upon is the Imperium11 Baby Bunny Towel, it is gorgeous. So soft and hooded, which with little ones is incredibly useful. Oh and it has lovely floppy bunny ears!! Made with Turkish cotton it’s thick and absorbent and soft enough for newborns. I wish they made them in bath sheet size, I would be in heaven!

Festive birthdays
Baby Bunny Towel Imperium11 – Image from Imperium11

The one thing I’m wary of is my poor sister’s home. I always struggled with the massive influx of gifts for L after his birthday and after Christmas and he has a few months in between for me to find homes for things, my sister has 4 days! So a big part of both gifts will be a cheque to go straight into a savings account for my niece. As boring as it may seem until she is a few years old she won’t get the excitement of gifts. I always greatly appreciated any money L was gifted and when he is older I’m sure he will be very happy to know that we’ve been saving every Birthday and Christmas cheque and he has a nice little savings pot.

So in short I would say organisation is key, both for your wallet and for the gift recipient. Please, please, please try to avoid joint presents. It’s sad to feel your birthday isn’t very important. Oh and if they are little, treat them like teens, money all the way.

Disclosure – I was gifted our Bunny Towel in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and images (unless otherwise stated) are my own.

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