Make a Terrarium

How to Make a Succulent Terrarium

I am so excited to share this craft with you, it’s something I have wanted to make for ages and when Hobbycraft asked if I had any ideas for a Mother’s Day Craft I immediately knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to make a Terrarium. A lovely gift for anyone really, or just as something to do for yourself.Make a Terrarium

I have been wanting to make my own Terrarium for years now, but was never really sure how. I thought it would be complicated and I am not at all green fingered. As such I’ve got two options for you, using real or fake succulents. It’s not hard at all, it only took me 30 minutes to pull together and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Make a Terrarium
Make a Terrarium

What I used


For me a Terrarium is as much about the layers as it is about the plants and the container.

I love the lantern I have used from Hobbycraft, it looks fabulous and has a good sized opening at the top which is important for air circulation. It is also hinged making the creation of your terrarium easy and watering the plants simple too.

Layer one – I fine gravel for good drainage. I used almost the whole bag of grey course ballast that I had chosen. When you are happy with the depth and that it’s level, top with a layer of tulle cut to size. It will keep your layers separate in the long term.

Make a Terrarium
Layer 2

Layer two – soil. I would use soil whether you opt for an artificial plant or real plant. I personally think it makes it look more realistic if you go for the artificial option, it’s obviously vital if you want a real succulent to survive!

Plant – with the Succulent Pick, just cut the ‘stem’ to size and poke through your layers so it is firmly in place. If you have opted for a live plant, take it out of the pot and plant in the soil layer. Make sure it well watered in.

Make a Terrarium

Layer three – another layer of tulle cut to shape, with a whole in the centre for the plant.

Layer four – stones. I used nice chunky, natural stones to finish off the layers on my terrarium. I think it gives a nice finish and went nicely with the decorations I had picked out. You can go for anything for the top layer. More gravel, glass beads, water beads the choice is yours.

Make a Terrarium
I went for a real plant, but I loved all the succulent picks you could choose from

Artificial or Real?

This is a tough choice. Really tough as to be honest the artificial succulents look just a real as the live ones. I’m surely not the only person out there who thinks succulents look like toy plants?

If you know you’re always going to forget to water it, or you want something in a conservatory that’s always going to be bright and hot then go for artificial.

If you’re not bothered either way, go for artificial.

If you love plants and having live plants growing in your house brings you happiness. Or if you just want the challenge of growing a plant. Then I would go for a live succulent.

Make a Terrarium
Decorating is fun



This is the fun bit. It’s where you get to really personalise your terrarium. I wanted a natural look so added little bits of moss poking out from the around the stones and a few seashells as well, they are so pretty.

You can make a whole little world if you want, adding lights, little garden features, like a pond made out of foil tucked amongst the stones. Pop in some fairies and toadstools. The larger container you go for the larger you can make your world.

Make a Terrarium
My terrarium

You can even go big and bold with a few brightly coloured plastic geometric shapes.

Terrariums are a wonderful way to express yourself and the perfect thing to personalise as a gift. Do they love unicorns, cats, the seaside, books? Whatever people love you can find a miniature to decorate a Terrarium with.

Make a Terrarium
A perfect gift

Disclosure – I have received the products to make this project in return for the article.

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