HydroClash Target Review

We’re always up for trying new games at home. Especially ones that get us outside. HydroClash Target is all about making water fights seriously fun and without having to worry about filling, clearing away and the environmental impact of a million water balloons.

This is some great fun and L loves it. You get a slingshot style handle and two lots of ammo, which are round sponges that you soak in water and they have strong elastic loops hat you hook onto the slingshot, take aim and fire. You also get a pair of safety goggles and a target, which I was thankful for as it meant the target doesn’t always have to be me, though let’s not lie, it often is!

It is a really simple idea and a huge amount of fun, the only thing I would say is that is worth getting two sets, purely so you can fire at each other and make of a game out of it if you want to. Even though I only have one child we could have made use of a second slingshot and more ammo, so if you have more than one kid you’ll definitely want more than one set.

HydroClash Target is available to purchase from Amazon, Argos, Smyths Toys, The Entertainer and many, many more places. It costs around £10 so buying more than one set isn’t a huge issue. It’s great value and you’ll get loads of fun from it!

You can also get HydroClash Elite which comes with everything the Target set has but you’ll also get a shield and a colour reveal vest! How much fun is that! No arguments about if you were hit or not, the vest would show you!

Disclosure – we were gifted our HydroClash Target set. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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