I Know! Magazine

I Know! Magazine Review

We were recently sent a copy of I Know! Magazine to review, it’s a new magazine aimed at kids aged 4-6 years. At 5 L is right in the middle of this and boy has he loved it, I have too to be honest.

I Know! Magazine
I Know! Magazine

It’s a fun and informative magazine that is great for helping young minds learn and explore different topics. We learnt about dinosaurs, tornados and the bones in the body.

We’ve played games, had fun with stickers and told stories. It’s a really visual magazine and the time is perfect, not dumbed down for kids, but just speaking to them factually at their level.

I Know! Magazine

L loved I know! from the moment it arrived, not just because of the dinosaur chomper on the front. In fact he was more interested in learning all about tornados, which was very interesting for me as well.

We’ve read it at bed time, used it to fill those ‘I’m bored’ moments and can’t wait for the next issue to read over the summer holidays, it’s so much fun.

I Know! Magazine

It’s £4.99 which is the same as most other magazines out at the moment but actually made me feel like I was parenting well and I wanted to read it just as much as L did, unlike other magazines he picks up which I would rather poke my eyes out with needles than actually read!

It goes on sale around the 25th of each month, issue two will be coming at the end of August and is just under 40 pages long, plus you get a free gift which always makes the kids happy.

I Know! Magazine

I’m genuinely impressed and will happily buy more I know! Magazines for L.

Disclosure – we were gifted out copy of the magazine however all thoughts opinions and images are my own.

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