Improving My Workspace with Lumie

I love my little workspace at home. It is so important to me getting quiet time to work, being productive and being happy. It’s a work in progress still but I love it. My recent improvement has been with the Lumie Desklamp.

My little workspace is set up in our conservatory, a world of natural light you would have thought, apart from the fact we live in England and it is normally miserable, I do most of my work in the evenings and the lights we have in the conservatory are a bit pants.

My Lumie Workspace
My Lumie Workspace

So I needed a new desk lamp and having worked with Lumie before, reviewing the wonderful bodyclocks,  they seemed like the perfect partner for me.

It has also helped me with my quest to become a calmer person, with getting out in the sunshine being a big factor in making me feel good, topping up with the bright light offered by the Lumie desklamp has helped me feel a bit brighter, more motivated and generally more me during these icky winter months, this in turn has had the added benefit of stopping me reaching for the biscuits.

The Lumie Desklamp Super Flexible Neck
The Lumie Desklamp Super Flexible Neck

I use my desklamp every single day and I love it.

It’s extra long cable means I haven’t had to worry about it reaching the nearest socket.

It has an adjustable neck so I can twist and bend it to the perfect angle for the task at hand, providing light for images, focusing on my keyboard , crafting or just providing me with some extra happy light.

The Lumie Desklamp's Bright Lights
The Lumie Desklamp’s Bright Lights

I love that it just looks like a normal lamp, you wouldn’t think it was a lightbox that helps with SAD at all, it is stylish and minimalist and sits very nicely on my desk.

It has four levels of light, operated by the touch control switch on the base, a quick tap takes me to the perfect light level.

It’s quite a technical little beast as well, it has been verified to provide 10,000 lux, which is a lot, in fact it is the industry standard. It has 96 white LEDs which are blue enriched to help regulate your bodyclock and is safe to leave switched on all day.

I can’t believe the difference this lamp has made to my work, just getting the correct light levels has helped me focus more and by getting enough of the right light I am sleeping better even when I have worked late into the night, feeling more focused and it looks good too.

It has really fitted in with my new quest for a calmer, happier and healthier life.

Disclosure – I was gifted my lamp in return for an honest review


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