In Love With Light – Lumie Bodyclock Active 250

Oh yes, Spring had sprung, everything is lighter and brighter and that makes everyone happier. Daylight is clearly an important thing.

With that in mind you can understand why I love Lumie so much.

Lumie Active 250 with Sun Ray Feature
Lumie Active 250 with Sun Ray Feature

We’re big fans of Lumie in our house, I use the Desk Lamp at my workspace and my husband has been using the Iris Bodyclock which also works as an aromatherapy diffuser, so when we were sent the Active 250 to review, with it’s radio and white noise functions it made sense to me that I nabbed the other half’s Iris which I had been lusting over and he used the Active 250.

This new arrangement is working very well for us, I’m dead chuffed to have the Iris, I like it’s white light and the different scents for morning and evening. Husb is completely happy with his new Active 250, he likes the warmer light, the way it displays as sun rays and loves waking up with the light to the radio.

A Lumie each - the Iris on the Left and Active 250 on the right
A Lumie each – the Iris on the Left and Active 250 on the right

You see the Active 250 suits his lifestyle perfectly, we’re already used to the Sunrise and Sunset features which help you drift off naturally and wake up gently. With the Active 250 you can set a 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 90-minute sunrise and sunset, which really helps you get it just right for you. The FM radio with digital tuning is his favourite feature though, he never trusts himself to wake up with the light so always sets the back up alarm, which in other models is quite shrill and quite defies the point of the sunrise, but with the radio gently getting louder and louder it works in tandem with the light and is a really nice way to wake up that stops him getting paranoid about over sleeping.

The Active also has a white noise setting to mask sounds that might keep you awake (me snoring, oops), a dawn chorus or rooster call sounds to use in the mornings instead of the radio and wave sounds to lull you to sleep. Personally I like the waves, but Husb still just sticks with the radio which turns off as the sunset finishes, and I’m more than happy with that.

Lumie Active 250
Lumie Active 250

Husb also really likes the sun ray effect, it does look lovely with the rays spreading up the walls, but it also keeps the light softer and that works really well for him and the dimmable light for a bedside light goes down really low, so low in fact you can also use it as a nightlight without disturbing anyone else.

It has a snooze feature, which with a toddler has not once been used, but I’m sure it works well and we both really like the security option which turns the light on randomly while you’re away.

Lumie Active 250 - Easy to use bodyclock
Lumie Active 250 – Easy to use bodyclock

It’s simple to use and the instructions are good should you need them, though we did have to turn to the internet to work out how to dim the clock display without running the sunset feature, but once we’d figured that one out, we were sorted.

We love Lumie and would highly recommend them, the range of bodyclocks means there will be one to suit you and they are so easy to use and set up.

Disclosure – we were gifted our clock in exchange for our honest review.

2 thoughts on “In Love With Light – Lumie Bodyclock Active 250”

  1. Looks perfect to re adjust my body clock and wake feeling refreshed each day
    Great review

    1. It’s really helped me Margaret, I set mine for a 45 sunset so I drift off naturally and a 30 minute sunrise that has me awake just before the toddler so I don’t get a rude awakening from him!

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