Introducing WILF Books

I was recently approached by the lovely people at WILF Books, who introduced me to their concept. As you know I fully support anything that gets kids and books together, but this goes so much further than that and I loved the idea.

WILF Books are a children’s book subscription service delivering your child personalised and relevant books on a monthly basis, along with an opportunity for them to share their own unused books for other children to enjoy.

You could think of them as a mobile library, giving children the opportunity to receive books that they will love, whilst offering the opportunity to share books that they no longer like, with those that would love them the most.

To begin with, sharing would be optional, but WILF Books aims to pin itself as the community for all things children’s books. For that reason, those that share would see themselves rewarded!

Its their thought process that many households have shelves full of children’s books that are no longer favourites for their children, but they could be for other children across the country. Those books usually end up collecting dust, building up on shelves, and eventually perhaps reaching the loft where they’re lost forever! That’s where they’re looking to help. It’s their mission to recycle and redistribute the UK’s supply of children’s books to those who will love them the most.

Register your child's favourite book preferences at WILFBooks.com and pay (1)
Register your child’s favourite book preferences at WILFBooks.com and pay

Some books are always going to be keepers, everyone knows that. My copy of Paddington Bear, tattered and loved, will be L’s and hopefully he’ll love it as much as I did. But his ABC books, Number books and hundreds of stories we have no attachment too, well I love the idea of passing those on when he has outgrown them.

One of WILF Books’ key values is to make the world a whole lot friendlier. It’s operated by two young people, Callum and Amelia who really believe big businesses should exist to serve a greater purpose and by introducing a way to share with others, they hope to do just that. They also have lots of little people in their families themselves, each of which have provided their own unique inspiration for WILF Books.

Amelia teaches four and five ­year old children at a London School and Callum, alongside his kids­ focused role at Unilever, co-­partners on a variety of YouTube channels delivering animated children’s nursery rhymes. Together they are two people totally passionate about kids.

You can find out more and register your interest with WILF Books ahead of their upcoming launch, HERE. Enter their competition to win a year’s subscription here (ends 31/07/2016). You can also stay in touch with WILF Books on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post, no payment has been received

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