Canagan Cat Food

James’ Thoughts on Canagan Cat Food

I love getting to review new and different products on my blog, I’ve found some really amazing things. I also love that we get to spoil L with new toys and amazing experiences. Often forgotten though is the 4th member of our little family, James the Cat. So he was very happy when we got sent some Canagan Cat Food for him to try.

Canagan Cat Food
James’ Delivery of Canagan Cat Food

Canagan pride themselves on being Britain’s Finest Grain Free Pet Food, lots of pet foods use grain as a carbohydrate but that doesn’t really offer much to cats, or dogs, nutritionally.

Canagan Cat Food
Purrr. What do you have there??

Canagan cat food (and dog food) provides the highest levels of nutritious animal ingredients each specially selected to deliver optimum levels of nutrition, digestibility and flavour, mimicking their ancestral diets. With no nasties or ingredients you cannot pronounce, the flavour is also pure and a cut above the rest.

Canagan Cat Food
Oooo yes please

Now James has been my faithful companion for many years now and he is a lovely boy who is rather fond of his food. He eats a mix of wet and dry food, mostly dry, with the odd pouch or tin as a treat. So he deserves a good meal.

He’s not a fussy cat, he’d like to be but I am firm with him and he knows he has to eat what he is given. That is unless he can con some tuna out of the neighbour!

Canagan Cat Food
Yes, now please

Well when I opened the first tin of Canagan Cat Food he was following me round like something gone wrong. The first thing I noticed was that you could actually tell what was in the food. Most cat meats are just lumps of mushed up stuff in jelly. With the Canagan I could see if it was fish, meat or vegetable. It looked, as far as cat food can, appetising. James most certainly approved.

He was equally impressed with the dry biscuits. They are great quality and you don’t need a large portion. I have to say he didn’t pester for food in the evenings as much as usual when he was eating the Canagan cat food, it did seem to fill him up nicely and he clearly adored the flavour as he never left a single biscuit behind.

Canagan Cat Food
Nom, nom, nom

James and I are very impressed with Canagan. I’ll be honest however much I would love to feed James Canagan cat food all the time, I can’t. At just over £1 per single serve tin of meat and dry food starting at £16.49 for a 15kg bag I simply cannot afford it. I do believe it is a great quality food. James certainly enjoyed it, it is almost certainly worth the money. I just cannot afford it, so until I can James will have to settle for the odd treat every now and then.

Canagan Cat Food
A closer look at the food

Disclosure – James was sent his food in return for our honest opinions.

8 thoughts on “James’ Thoughts on Canagan Cat Food”

  1. Hi
    I usually feed my cats Applause or Encore for their high meat content. I thought I would try canagan for a change. I couldn’t read the ingredients in the shop, using my mobile phone at home I zoomed in on the ingredients to see it has ‘chloride chlorine’ in it. I am frantically researching now, from what I have read so far, cats need a bit of chloride but chlorine is toxic!! I will continue to Google though before chucking unopened tins in the bin.

    1. Hi Jane, I wouldn’t pretend to know enough about this but I believe Canagan contains Choline Chloride, not Chlorine. From what I understand Choline chloride is a source of essential B vitamin, but I am sure you will have found a lot more in your Google searches. Like I say, I am no expert, all I can attest to is my cat loving the food and suffering no ill effect from it. Might be something to discuss with a vet, or Canagan themselves??

  2. That’s awesome. It’s important to make sure that we feed them with the right food since it’s where they get most of their nutrition from!

  3. Aww your cat is adorable!
    My cat is a tabby her name is Molly and she is a family only cat lol she comes across as very grumpy towards my poor neighbour who would love nothing more than to be able to stroke her without getting growled and hissed at lol Molly is a purring big softy when with her family and she does love to play!

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