JCB Kids Easter Egg

A JCB Easter Egg Hunt

We have been enjoying the sun and getting ready for Easter with JCB Kids. We had a JCB Easter egg hunt, L dressed up as a bunny, it was great fun.

JCB Kids Eater Egg
Ooo Easter Egg

L was sent an amazing box of goodies including JCB’s Stacking Stanley toy, which we love and you can find out all about how much fun it is when we reviewed it.

JCB Kids Easter Egg
Comparing dump trucks

We also got one of the amazing JCB Kids Easter Eggs. I great digger shaped box, Easter Egg and a mini die-cast toy. L got a dump truck which he was very impressed with.

JCB Kids Easter Egg
My little bunny

I love an Easter Egg where you get a bit of chocolate and something you can keep. It’s way better value. We’ve since seen them in Morrison’s and I’ve bought him another as a treat for good behaviour on a day out as it was cheaper than buying him a toy on its own!!

JCB Kids Easter Egg
Having fun hunting

Not only that we got a cute bunny ears and tail set, plastic eggs, bags and arrows to create our own fun egg hunt.

JCB Kids Easter Egg
Playing with his new toy

Any way, without further delay, below is a fun video we made of our egg hunt with all the fun things JCB Kids sent us.

Disclosure – we were sent our delivery as part of the JCB Kids Brand Ambassador programme.

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