JCB Kids Brand Ambassador January Delivery

JCB Kids January Delivery

L was really happy to see another huge parcel from JCB Kids a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say he dove straight in. I think being a a brand ambassador for them in his favourite job!

We had been sent a couple of Wheel Loaders from the HTI Toys range, a really big one and a smaller one.

HTI Toys JCB Wheel Loader
HTI Toys JCB Wheel Loader

They are chunky, hard wearing and most importantly really appealing to him.

Check out his video below to see what he thought of them.

What I really liked about these was the sturdiness. L is three years old and he can be rough with his toys. A lot of the smaller and overly detailed tractors he has received haven’t lasted long at all, with tyres, swing arms and props being taken or broken off.

These are built to last though. Very sturdy and no small pieces. I like that.

Just relaxing with my wheel loader
Just relaxing with my wheel loader

L loves the scooping action and has been scooping pretty much anything he can find. The puzzle we were doing together. My pens. The gravel on the way to the car, every single morning. He plays with them indoors or outside, they have even been in the bath on more than  one occasion.

A really big hit.

I hope you like our video, I love it when he tries to say brand ambassador and says good bye to everyone, it’s very sweet, even if I am biased.

Disclosure – we received our toys as part of the brand ambassador programme, all opinions are our own.

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