Jelly Babies Tropical

Jelly Babies Tropical

New Jelly Babies Tropical with banana, mango and pineapple flavours have hit the shelves!

It’s the first time ever a new flavour of Jelly Babies has been created and they are yummy. Trust me. We’ve tried a few. Even comparing them to the originals, just to be sure.  

Jelly Babies Tropical hit the shelves from August, giving fans a taste of the tropics whatever the weather. Which is good, because the weather has been a bit up and down. Now it’s positively cold. Though I’m aware it’s now November, so it should be.

Jelly Babies Tropical
Jelly Babies Tropical

With tropical fruit becoming a top trend in 2017*, new Jelly Babies Tropical are sure to make sweet fans feel like they are only a bite away from the Caribbean.  New flavours include banana, mango and pineapple – the soft, fruit bursting jelly chews promise to tantalise the taste buds.  Whether enjoyed after a long day at work or shared amongst family and friends, delicious new Jelly Babies Tropical will bring fun and sunshine to your summer.

Katie Bashford, Senior Brand Manager at Mondelēz International, said: “We are delighted to add the new Jelly Babies Tropical to our range, giving fans a new way to enjoy one of their favourite sweets. This is the first time we have innovated with the flavour of Jelly Babies and we hope our fans like them!”

It’s been a real treat for L as he normally only gets Jelly Babies when he visits his Great Nanny. They have always been her favourite sweet, ever since  can remember and now it’s something they share. I’ll be honest I’m not a big fan of them, but husb loves them so between him and L they have given them a good try.

Jelly Babies Tropical
They’re escaping

The tropical flavours are a big hit and I think they’ll get picked just as often as the classics.

Jelly Babies Tropical are available now in 190g bags, for a RRP of £1.32 at most major supermarkets.

Disclosure – we were gifted some Jelly Babies in order to properly test them

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