JLAB JBuddies

JLAB JBuddies

With the summer holidays looming, or even already started in some parts of the UK, you might be lucky enough to have a holiday booked and some travelling planned. For us tech has become a great way on occupying L on long journeys but we don’t want to be disturbing other people or listening to whatever random YouTube video he’s either so good headphones are a must. We’ve been trying out the JLAB JBuddies Studio volume wireless headphones.

This isn’t our first foray into kids headphones. L has tried out several. For us any type of wired headphone or earphone just doesn’t work. He’s a fiddler and a chewer. The wires get twisted and pulled far too much and break. Worse, we’ll often turn round and find him absentmindedly gnawing on them. So straight up that doesn’t work for us.

When we first took him on a flight, he was four years old and we’d seen lots of headband style headphones being recommended as comfortable, easy to use and great for little ones. In reality they were hot and he couldn’t get the ear pieces lined up right, so he always struggled to hear.

JLAB JBuddies

So for us wireless is they way forward. I much prefer over ear headphones to earbuds for him. Mainly just because they are larger and easier to keep track of, but I also, with no basis for this theory at all, think they are better and more comfortable for little ears.

The JLAB JBuddies have some fab features and L is rather impressed with them.

For starters the blue and grey design looks great and met with his immediate approval. He also says they are very comfortable. The charge lasts well on them (up to 13 hours) and they also come with an aux cable, so if the battery does run out you can use them as normal wired headphones, which is super useful. They paired quickly and easily to his tablet, which once you have done it once you don’t have to worry about again.

JLAB JBuddies

For parental peace of mind they are limited to 85db which is great, and a neat little feature that I like is that you can link the headphones to another set of headphones using the audio jack so two people can listen simultaneously. It’s not something we would use often but I can see it being nice for watching a film together or something. It’s just a nice little feature I’ve not seen on previous headphones he has had.

I’ve had a listen of them myself and I’m impressed with the sound quality, even turned up to the max 85db they are lovely and cler with a decent depth to them and the stereo works perfectly. They are obviously not as good as my own personal headphones, but they cost me a lot of money. That being said, I would happily use these and for the £29.99 RRP they are absolutely amazing!

JLAB JBuddies

They come with the charging cable, audio jack and hand storage bag. They also fold up neatly for easy packing and storage.

I do need to mention that in the JLAB Jbuddies range there are also wired headphones, with inline controls and a microphone which cost £14.99 RRP and are available from Amazon and Argos.

There is also a gaming headset with a retractable boom mic for £29.99 RRP from Amazon.

The JLAB JBuddies wireless headphones that we have been trying out are available from Currys and Argos. RRP £29.99.

JLAB JBuddies

Disclosure – we were gifted our headphones in return for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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