JoyFills, a Perfect Snack

JoyFills are a delightful new sharing snack, light and crispy and perfectly sweet. We love them, even if they do prove a little bit too more-ish.

They are available in four delicious flavours; Cadbury Milk Chocolate creme, Cadbury Choco cookiecreme flavour, Oreo Vanilla creme flavour and Oreo Choco caramel creme flavour. JoyFills

Whilst the bag is resealable I dare you to try, once you’ve started it is very hard to stop. A bit like a breakfast cereal, with a light, crispy texture and slight savoury hint. A bit like a biscuit, all crunchy and sweet. A bit like chocolate with a smooth, creamy filling. These treats are the perfect little bit of everything to be enjoyed whenever you fancy.

Found in the biscuit aisle of all major retailers including Tesco, Asda, Co-op, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s for just £1.50. Each sharing pack contains 90g of the innovative bite-sized treat, ideal for sharing with friends and family.   JoyFills

Each JoyFill bite is just one gram in size, but packed with great taste and textures, with an airy crispy casing filled with delicious ultra-smooth creme. I love that you can easily measure what you are consuming without resorting to the scales, I am currently following Weight Watchers to get a bit healthier and a serving of JoyFills is only 5 points, brilliant, especially when a serving is 25g. Counting out 25 of these little snacks feels like I’m getting loads, but is easy to do when I’m out and about and if I like that, then I know other people will too.

So if you’re after a snack everyone will enjoy and you don;t have to feel guilty about, this is one for you.

Disclosure – I was sent some JoyFills to try. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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