Did you know that September is International Balloon month? Me neither. What A perfectly lovely thing to celebrate. This week also happened to be Thinking of You Week. The two combine very nicely I think and so did Qualatex, makers of fabulous balloons. So they asked very nicely if I would like to take part in their #JoyOfBalloons campaign. #JoyOfBalloons

The idea behind the #JoyOfBalloons campaign was really simple. Treat someone, anyone, to a beautiful bouquet of Qualatex balloons. It could be to celebrate a success, to say thank you for something, or be for absolutely no reason at all. A random act of kindness to just brighten up someone’s day.

I immediately wanted to get some balloons for L, he has surpassed all my expectations around starting school and taken it all in his stride. He has been so brave and despite feeling nervous gone in everyday and made friends and even been Child of the Day, though I’m pretty certain they take turns, but who am I to burst his bubble, or should I say, balloon!#JoyOfBalloons

There is a reason we celebrate with balloons, they are affordable, come in all shapes and sizes and it doesn’t matter how old you are they are a little bit magical. Qualatex have an amazing range of balloons, they are really high quality and the choice is just vast, there are so many ranges you are bound to find something you love.

Our delivery arrived in the most giant of boxes and L was excited as soon as he laid eyes on it. When he opened it and a balloon popped out his face broke into a massive smile, then he saw more and pulled them all out. He was so excited and couldn’t understand why he had them, my explanation of him just doing so well at school didn’t seem enough to him. It’s been enough for me though, I am so proud of him, so very proud of him and he deserved some balloons.

He was so excited he wouldn’t stop moving, which is why many of the photos are, quite frankly, not the best. But I did film him opening his surprise box, that’s well worth a watch.

There was an awkward moment when he was trying to unwrap the balloon weight as he thought it contained chocolate! I suppose they do look giant Christmas Chocolate with the shiny foil covering.

He has played with his balloons, admired them, protected them from the cat and tried to take them to bed.#JoyOfBalloons

The balloons are brilliant quality and he loved the smiley faces and colours. I liked the mix of foil balloons and latex balloons. I know I would be so happy to receive a bouquet of balloons myself and L thought it was just marvellous. If you need a bit of inspiration to pick the right bouquet or to decorate a room, just have a browse, they have some great ideas.

As the very wise Winnie the Pooh once said ‘Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon’ and as we all know, I try to live my life by the thoughts and musings of that wonderful bear. He is very often right and was most definitely correct in this case.

Click here to locate your nearest Qualatex stockist.#JoyOfBalloons

Disclosure – we were gifted our balloons from Qualatex. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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