It’s a ball but it’s not a ball. It’s solid but it’s soft. You can throw it, roll it, squish it and stretch it. Juggleezz is a lot of things but mostly it’s just very good fun.

Boy with new Juggleezz toy in box
L was very excited with his new toy

L was sent one of the newest toys from Flair just in time for the Easter break and has certainly been enjoying it. To be fair I rather like it too, but less as a toy and more as a sort of stress reliever, it’s very tactile and you can’t help but play with it if it’s there.

By throws green soft ball into air
How high can you throw it?

It’s thick, stretchy, soft outer shell is filled with soft, liquidy balls, giving it a fun texture that can be shaped and stretched and wrapped it the most pleasing of ways. Because it’s so flexible it actually makes it really easy to catch and you can get quite creative with how you throw it. From just a standard lob across the garden to more of a slingshot action, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Boy throws ball at camera
Can you splat mummy with it?

I don’t know what the weather has been like for the rest of the country, but here in Norfolk we’ve had it all. From bright blue skies and warm enough to be out in t-shirts to snow. It’s been bizzarre. So every moment we’ve seen a break in the clouds we’ve been heading outdoors and Juggleezz has been entertaining us in the garden.

Boy catches soft ball and it folds round his hand
It is great to catch as it wraps round the hand instead of bouncing off it

We’ve had how high can you through and still catch it challenges, spinning it and seeing what shapes you can make with it fun and even a spirited game of lets try and splat mummy with it!

It’s just simple fun but with a cool texture and easy to catch squishability. It’s a great size for popping in a bag for when you are out and about, I like that and the bright colours are attractive and make it hard to lose to sight of.

Boy twirls soft ball around his head
It’s fun to whirl it round and see where it goes

You can get Juggleezz from Smyths for £9.99, which I think is a great price. A lovely little treat or gift for your kid.

There is also a new Juggleezz Hub where you can find out more about Juggleezz and enjoy competitions, activities, videos and more. Just head to www.juggleezzhub.co.uk to join in with the fun.

Boys throws juggleezz ball
Still trying to get mummy with it!

Disclosure – we were gifted our Juggleezz. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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