Jungle in my Pocket – Review

Jungle in my Pocket is a cute collectables toy. You can collect lots of little pocket sized jungle animals and try to complete the full set. Part of the ‘In My Pocket’ range that has already seen kids collecting Puppies and Kittens. 

Jungle In My Pocket
He was so excited about his new animals

L was recently sent the Jungle Treehouse Play Set and two of the blind bags to have a play with and see what he thought.

I loved the idea behind jungle in my pocket. I like to take L to the zoo, he enjoys it too. I thought having lots of the little animals to play with would really appeal to him but also give us something to talk about.

Jungle In My Pocket
The Treehouse Play set comes with so much

I also liked the price point. The Jungle Treehouse Play set is the largest item and at £24.99 I think it’s really reasonable. It comes with 2 Jungle Animals for your collection. There is a fruit slinger, swing, seesaw, waterfall slide and lots of little accessories too. There are plenty of spots for the animals to sit, so it makes quite a good display for the collection and can be played with too.

Jungle In My Pocket
Blind bags

The blind bags each contain one mystery animal and are £2.49 each, so another reasonable price point. There are 25 animals to collect in Season 1, 4 are rare and 1 is ultra rare. So not bad odds on a full set either and unlike some of the other collectables where there are literally 100’s to collect it’s completely achievable.

There are other sets you can buy too, which are really handy if you are after one specific animal.

Jungle In My Pocket
A Meerkat and Antelope from his blind bags

I’ll be honest, once the initial new toy excitement wore off he hasn’t gone back to it. I am genuinely shocked. He loved the animals and recognised that he had seen some at the zoo and asked if we could find a zoo that had an Antelope in so we could see it in real life.

He liked the Treehouse play set  but quickly got frustrated by it and even though everything is next to his bed in his room he hasn’t played with them since.

The whole play set

The age range is 3 to 8 years old, so he is well placed in that respect. But I think this is more of a collect and display product than a toy and despite the animal being cute and fuzzy it’s just not one for him.

If your kids are into animals and collectables they will love this. The quality is fab and the animals are so sweet. I am really impressed.

You can see the full range and the other ‘In My Pocket’ collectables at www.flairplc.co.uk

Disclosure – we were sent these items in exchange for an honest review.

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